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in Oakland, California

Invest in a Fresh Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Why Open a Pretzelmaker Franchise in Oakland?

Are you looking for a low cost franchise opportunity in Oakland? Do you want the independence of owning your own business without missing out on the support of an experienced corporate system? Are you passionate and ready to work hard for your dreams?

If you answered yes, Pretzelmaker is looking for you to open our newest franchise in Oakland, California!

Oakland is the perfect location for one of our pretzel franchises. The city’s strong economy is growing at a rapid rate, making now the ideal time to invest. Additionally, Oakland franchises can utilize the resources available to help them get started and thrive.

If you are ready to work toward your own bottom line, not someone else’s, keep reading to learn about opening a Pretzelmaker franchise in Oakland.

Ideal Economic Conditions for a Low Cost Franchise

In recent years California’s economy has been booming, and Oakland is certainly no exception. As part of Silicon Valley, Oakland has seen huge population and job growth, coupled with low unemployment and one of the most educated populations in the country.

Indeed, all these factors add up to one of the top ranked economies in the U.S. Forbes ranked Oakland #25 on its list of the two-hundred Best Places for Business and Careers, and #18 on its list of the most educated cities.

All of these positive economic factors will be great news for your Oakland franchise. For one thing, the unemployment rate of just 4.8% means that the population of Oakland is more likely to have discretionary income to spend on such things as gourmet pretzels.

Additionally, during this time of huge growth, the Oakland population is growing by approximately 6,000 people each year. This means that your potential customer base will be constantly growing.

Business Support Network

Opening a Pretzelmaker franchise in Oakland is a great way for you to start your career as a business owner, in large part because Oakland has so many resources available to help small businesses thrive.

The Alameda County Small Business Development Center, or ACSBDC, is a nonprofit organization that is committed to offering resources to small businesses and their owners. Qualifying businesses can receive free business advising from the experts who work at the ACSBDC.

Your Oakland franchise will be in an excellent position to accept such counseling. The employees at the ACSBDC are experts in the small business climate of Oakland as well as other aspects of owning, operating, and expanding a business. Some of the topics that they may be able to advise you on include:

  • Growth planning
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Restaurant operations
  • Online marketing
  • Public relations
  • Finding funding

If your Oakland franchise could utilize these resources, it would be a great way to get started on the right path.

If you are ready to invest in your career and your community, click this LINK and get started. Opening a Pretzelmaker franchise in Oakland is the low cost franchise opportunity you have been waiting for!


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