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in San Diego, CA

Invest in a Fresh Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

An amazing opportunity awaits the right pretzel franchisee candidate in San Diego, California . The pretzel industry has been experiencing tremendous growth over the last few years and this growth is only expected to continue. By getting into this emerging industry with a brand name as recognized and trusted as Pretzelmaker, new franchisees can ride the wave to success.

The Birthplace of California

San Diego is called the birthplace of California because it was the first place that was visited by Europeans on the west coast of the United States. As such, San Diego is also the perfect birthplace for a successful franchise location. As with many of the major cities in California, San Diego is known for displaying openness to new ideas and concepts that make the city a fertile ground for new franchise opportunities.

Pretzelmaker Opportunity in San Diego, California! from Great American Cookies Franchise

Population and Growth

San Diego is the second largest city in California and the eight largest city in the United States. Throughout the last 35 years, San Diego has experienced a population explosion. In 1980, the population was only 875,538. The population was 1,307,402 as of the 2010 census. The population density is also ideal for a pretzel franchise, with roughly 4,000 residents per square mile. San Diego’s population is expected to continue to grow at a slower, but still steady rate of around three percent for the foreseeable future. With the large existing population and the influx of new residents and tourists, the city presents an opportunity for franchisees to thrive and expand.

Southern California Living

Opening a Pretzelmaker franchise in San Diego will allow a franchisee to experience the pace and quality of living that Southern California is famous for. San Diego is an international hub for trade and manufacturing, and has recently established itself as a national leader for healthcare and biotechnology. Franchisees will experience all of the advantages of living in a place with access to these benefits. San Diego also has miles of beaches, an impressive skyline, and a crime rate that is one of the lowest in the nation.

Events and Cultural Draws

With professional football and baseball teams, San Diego is a great city for sports fans to both visit and live. San Diego also offers many museums, theaters, and historical sites. Amusement parks, zoos, music festivals, events such as Comic Con, and beer tours also draw numerous visitors to the city each year. Besides offering an array of pastimes for franchisees to take part in, these events and attractions also offer Pretzelmaker franchisees extensive marketing and sales prospects.

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