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in Wichita, KS

Invest in a Fresh Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Wichita, KS offers potential Pretzelmaker franchisees the phenomenal opportunity to build their business empire. Wichita offers innovative entrepreneurs a strong overall economy, cultural opportunities, and chances to expand their business.

So, how is Wichita able to offer all of these incredible advantages?

Economic Environment

Wichita is the perfect place to start a business, such as a pretzel franchise, because it has a strong economy. In fact, Wichita is on Forbes’s “Best Places for Business and Careers” list. Additionally, Spirit AeroSystems Holdings, a Fortune 500 company, is based in Wichita.

Since both Forbes and Fortune 500 nationally recognize Wichita’s economy, this economy is the one you want to support your new Pretzelmaker franchise.

Cultural Opportunities

In addition to having economic opportunities for your business, Wichita has quite a few cultural opportunities for you! In your spare time, you can visit any of the following sites when you work and live in Wichita:

  • Sedgwick County Zoo
  • Botanica: The Wichita Gardens
  • The Keeper of the Plains
  • Museum of World Treasures

Potential for Growth

With all of these wonderful local attractions, it’s no wonder so many people are attracted to Wichita. The allure of this city presents a unique opportunity for Pretzelmaker franchisees to grow and expand.

For example, Wichita’s population has grown by 1.6% over the past five years and 388,413 people call this city home today. By paying attention to the growth rate of Wichita’s population, business savvy franchisees can predict a comparable growth in the number of their potential customers.

When franchisees can anticipate this growth, they can expand their business accordingly and maximize their profits by having the capacity to serve these additional customers.

Cities Close to Wichita

After your Pretzelmaker franchise is well established in Wichita, you can expand your business empire into the surrounding cities. Below are some of the cities close to Wichita that are excellent places for pretzel franchises.

  • Newton
  • Andover
  • Derby
  • Haysville

In summary, your business can have an economy it can rely on in Wichita. Additionally, you can have a rich and fulfilling life by taking advantage of Wichita’s cultural opportunities. Finally, you have the chance to expand your business in Wichita.

So, are you ready to take on the challenge of building your business empire? Contact Pretzelmaker today to open your own business in Wichita, KS!

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