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in Rockville, MD

Invest in a Fresh Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Rockville, MD currently has a population of 64,072, making it the 3rd largest city in Maryland. Rockville is also in a prime location between Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. The population from both of these major cities often overflows into the areas surrounding them, such as Rockville, MD. This means that Rockville is the ideal location for a franchisee that is looking for a new enterprise with plenty of opportunity for growth and expansion. Below are a few reasons why you should open a pretzel franchise in Rockville, MD.

Home Sweet Home

When determining which city you should live in, there are two factors that are vital to your decision. Your 1st concern is always whether or not your family will be happy in their new home.

Rockville, MD is the ideal place to raise a family. Rockville has a phenomenal public school system that has been nationally recognized, making it ideal for your children. In addition, Rockville has a strong cultural and historical heritage to encourage your family to feel a connection to this city. Below are a few interesting places you can take your family to learn about and connect with their new home.

  • Beall-Dawson House
  • Covenant Life Church
  • Potowmack Canal
  • St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church

These locations are also great areas to advertise or open your Pretzelmaker franchise because they are familiar to the community and provide a multitude of opportunities for your franchise to become a vital part of this city.

Strong Customer Base

The 2nd concern you have when determining which city to live in is whether or not your business will be a success. Before you uproot your family to start a new franchise, you want to make sure that franchise will be profitable. For the franchise to be a success, you need a strong customer base and Rockville, MD has a strong customer base that is currently untapped.

Who makes up this untapped market in Rockville, MD? The answer is sports fans. Rockville is the home of the Rockville Express baseball team and the Real Maryland Monarchs soccer team. In addition, Rockville is also home to the Free State Roller Derby, the only women’s flat track roller derby in Montgomery County. All of the baseball, soccer, and roller derby fans need to eat and what is better than a soft pretzel at a sports game? The strong fan base provides the perfect customer market for Pretzelmaker franchises.

Since it is a wonderful home for your family and a thriving community for your business, Rockville, MD is an ideal location for you to open a prosperous Pretzelmaker franchise.

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