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in Las Vegas

Invest in a Fresh Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Las Vegas is one of the top vacation destinations in the world and may be the golden ticket for a Pretzelmaker franchisee candidate. Starting a Pretzelmaker franchise in a city like Las Vegas can allow a Pretzelmaker franchisee to experience the thrill of the exuberant city while earning revenues. Las Vegas is always busy and usually sunny, which is ideal for the quick-serve style at Pretzelmaker.

Population and Growth

Las Vegas has a large population of over half a million and a population density of 1,659 per square mile. Though the population growth has slowed down in recent years, Las Vegas is known for rapid population explosions. While tourism is a huge source of sales in a city like Las Vegas, franchisees can rest assured that Las Vegas also has a large local population that can be cultivated to become regulars.

Tourist Attractions

Las Vegas has a huge selection of casinos, high end shops, and clubs that attract tourists and entertain locals. With the right location and savvy marketing, a Pretzelmaker franchisee can make these tourist destinations work for the store. Moving around in Vegas can be hungry work, and many of the revelers do not wish to stop and eat a sit-down dinner. Pretzelmaker can provide fast, filling, and delicious food that is sure to be a hit.

Vegas is Hot

The climate in Las Vegas is hot and dry, with over 200 days a year over 70 degrees on average. The city is also sunny about 310 days per year, so franchisees rarely have to worry about a decline in the number of pedestrians passing by the store. Even nights are usually warm, so a Las Vegas franchisee may wish to extend operating hours to cash in on the nighttime Vegas scene.

Popular Surrounding Towns:

  • Paradise
  • Henderson
  • Boulder City
  • Winchester

Progressive City

Residents and tourists of Las Vegas are historically open to new things, which is perfect for a franchisee of an up-and-coming store like Pretzelmaker. Pretzel stores are gaining popularity all over the country with Pretzelmaker as a recognized industry leader. Pretzelmaker franchisees can further the company’s brand recognition by marketing in the most frequented areas and watch the sales swell.

Viva Las Vegas

Running a store in Vegas may be a great opportunity, but living in Las Vegas is just plain fun. There is always something to do and something to see. In addition to the casinos and tourist attraction, the Mojave Desert boasts some of the most breathtaking desert landscapes in the country. The city is also surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges that offer both scenic beauty and a variety of winter sports.

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