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in Reno, Nevada

Invest in a Fresh Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Why Franchise in Reno?

Pretzelmaker is excited to announce the newest franchise opportunity in Reno, Nevada! Reno is a vibrant city that mixes the exciting parts of a big city with the beauty and nature of a much smaller town. The city’s stable economy and valuable business support network will help your Reno franchise get started and continue to grow and thrive. Additionally, the proximity to nature provides a calm and fun atmosphere that businesses and citizens love. Investing in a franchise in Reno is a great way to achieve your dream of business ownership. Keep reading for more details about what makes this city great.

Stable Local Economy

The economy in Reno has many of the attributes of both a big city and a small town. One of the biggest economic advantages in Reno is its job growth rate, which is nearly one full percentage point higher than the national average. This kind of job growth is usually reserved for bigger cities with multiple growing industries. Additionally, the cost of living in Reno is relatively low, something that small towns tend to enjoy more than big cities. There are many factors such as these that demonstrate how Reno combines thriving, big city economic indicators with charming small town factors. Your Reno franchise will enjoy the combination of big and small as it creates a robust foundation on which your business can grow and thrive.

Pretzelmaker Franchise Opportunity Available in Reno, Nevada! from Great American Cookies Franchise

Business Support Network

One of the best parts of opening a Pretzelmaker franchise is that you will receive ongoing training and support from our proven and experienced corporate network. As a franchise owner, you won’t be stuck with all the guesswork that comes from starting a business from scratch, as you know that Pretzelmaker’s strategies are useful. At Pretzelmaker, we make sure to provide our franchise owners with ongoing training to make sure that they can operate to the best of their abilities. Additionally, opening a Pretzelmaker franchise gets you bargaining power that you would not otherwise have, especially when it comes to negotiating leases and utility contracts.

In addition to the support and training that you will receive from Pretzelmaker, your Reno franchise can take advantage of the resources available through the Small Business Development Center, or SBDC. The SBDC offers a myriad of training and educational resources to the owners of businesses and franchises in Reno, including classes on starting a business, marketing strategies, research, and more. Your Reno franchise will benefit if you take advantage of these classes, improving your skills and maximizing your business at the same time.

The Great Outdoors

Just a few minutes away from Reno’s bustling downtown full of casinos, restaurants, and offices are three bodies of water: Lake Tahoe, Pyramid Lake, and Truckee River. Your customers are sure to work up an appetite for gourmet soft pretzels as they spend their afternoons and weekends swimming, fishing, boating, and parasailing out on the water that surrounds the city. Additionally, your Reno franchise will benefit from the thousands of tourists who visit these beautiful sites each year, creating a vast and ever-changing customer base for your business.

The time to invest is now! This franchise opportunity in Reno is so good that it won’t last long! Click this LINK if you are ready to learn the first step in opening a Pretzelmaker franchise in Reno.


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