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in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Invest in a Fresh Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Why Invest in an Albuquerque Franchise?

Pretzelmaker is thrilled to announce that we are looking for someone ambitious and hard-working to open our newest franchise in Albuquerque, New Mexico! Albuquerque is a small, vibrant city with a lot to offer a business owner, including a large business support network. Adding to the city’s vibrance is the University of New Mexico, a staple in the education framework of the state. When you open a Pretzelmaker franchise in Albuquerque, you can enjoy the perks of working for an established corporate network while still having the freedom of owning your own business. Keep reading for more information about what to expect when you own a franchise in Albuquerque.

Small Business Association

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, which is why Albuquerque coordinates with a national Small Business Association, or SBA, to provide businesses with the resources they need to open, own, and operate. The SBA has many services available to business owners, including one-on-one business counseling, advice, training workshops, networking events, and more. Establishing business relationships is an important part of owning a franchise, especially if you hope to expand your business in the future. One way that the SBA helps Albuquerque franchise owners establish these relationships is through SCORE, a national volunteer organization that pairs experienced business men and women with fledgling business owners to create mentor/mentee relationships. When you open your Albuquerque franchise, utilizing this mentor relationship can provide you with real world business experience that may help you avoid beginner mistakes, thereby getting on the path to success more quickly.

College Town

The University of New Mexico was established in 1889 with the goal of “demonstrat[ing] and growing excellence in teaching, research, patient care, and community service.” Well over one-hundred years later, UNM is still working toward that lofty goal. The UNM Health Sciences Center is a one-of-a-kind research, education, and health care treatment organization, and as a part of UNM’s award winning school of medicine, the Health Services Center and its patients benefit from cutting edge treatments in rural medicine, nursing, and midwifery.

In addition, UNM’s schools of law, fine arts, photography, electrical engineering, and chemical engineering are all in the top one-hundred in their respective fields of study. Your Albuquerque franchise will benefit from the constantly changing student population creating a revolving customer base. In addition, Albuquerque gains a lot of diversity and culture from having a major university within its borders.

Albuquerque has so much to offer a franchise that we could go on for pages about its economy, university, and business resources, all of which contribute to a dynamic and exciting city. Investing in an Albuquerque franchise is a wise business decision that will put you on the path toward financial independence quickly and easily. If you’re ready to invest in your career and your community, click this LINK to find out the first step to opening a Pretzelmaker.


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