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in Brooklyn, NY

Invest in a Fresh Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Pretzelmaker is seeking ambitious and driven people to become the latest franchise owners in the Brooklyn area. Brooklyn’s trendy culture combined with its rapidly improving economy make it a perfect location for a small business owner to get started. There are various resources from public and private companies who are dedicated to seeing small businesses do well in New York. The combination of these factors creates a fantastic dynamic for potential Pretzelmaker franchisees.


Brooklyn is the fastest growing of New York City’s five boroughs. Since 2003, the number of businesses in Brooklyn has grown by 21%, much faster than other cities in New York. On top of this, job growth has seen a significant increase in the last ten years, growing by 19.8%, which is almost two times as fast as the rate of the rest of New York.

On top of all the growth, Brooklyn is part of New York’s tourism industry which brings in billions of dollars to the city each year. In 2014, 56.4 million tourists visited the city, bringing an economic impact of $61.3 billion.

On top of all the growth, Brooklyn is part of New York’s tourism industry which brings in billions of dollars to the city each year. In 2014, 56.4 million tourists visited the city, bringing an economic impact of $61.3 billion.

Opening a franchise in a city with an economy as successful and rapidly growing as Brooklyn’s is a no brainer. High job growth and median annual income gives the locals more discretionary income to spend on things like soft pretzels. In addition, adding businesses to a population that is growing at such a rapid rate can alleviate congestion and wait times at other restaurants, creating happier customers and great business for everyone at the same time.

Resources for Business Owners

As one of the five boroughs of New York City, Brooklyn has access to several fantastic resources from the city. New York understands that its communities and their economies thrive on small businesses’ profitableness and growth. For that reason, there are a number of organizations dedicated to providing assistance to small business owners.

One such organization is the New York City Economic Development Corp., or NYCEDC. This non-profit organization is committed to helping qualified businesses improve their bottom lines while simultaneously improving the job quality for their employees.

Another organization, the Small Business Development Center, offers dozens of services to business owners and entrepreneurs in Brooklyn, all free of charge thanks to funding from both public and private sectors. The SBDC has resources to help qualified business owners utilize websites, comply with city and state regulations and licensing, come up with marketing strategies, and much more.

If you utilize these resources, combined with the assistance from Pretzelmaker’s corporate, your business already has great potential. These programs are not available in every city, which is yet another reason why Brooklyn is an ideal location for your new franchise.

Local Attractions

Brooklyn is the trendiest of all of New York’s boroughs. As such, there are myriad things to do in this part of the city for tourists and locals alike. Your customers can work up an appetite for a warm, soft pretzel while shopping, seeing shows, or just walking around the city, viewing the iconic brownstones and new, modern architecture. The Brooklyn Academy of Music, the oldest performing arts center in the United States, is the center of the beautiful Brooklyn Cultural District, a part of the city dedicated to preserving and presenting the arts in all forms.

Potential for Growth

Brooklyn’s rapid growth is fueling expansion in every aspect of life: tourism, retail, dining, residences, and industry. Downtown Brooklyn is working on developing several mixed-use buildings to combine all the best parts of New York. Office space, dining, retail, and living all come together in these buildings to create the ultimate New York experience. One of these locations would be ideal for your Pretzelmaker franchise, because these buildings draw tourists, local visitors, and residents of the buildings, creating a wide and diverse customer base.

Another exciting way you can expand your business is by opening additional franchises. Pretzelmaker’s corporate infrastructure is designed with multi-unit owners in mind, making it easy to add revenue streams to your existing business. When you are already on the right track of owning one franchise, why not open one or two more? Pretzelmaker’s streamlined business model will help you grow your business potential.

Why Pretzelmaker

Pretzelmaker didn’t invent the soft pretzel, we just made it better! With over three hundred and sixty locations nationwide, Pretzelmaker understands what it takes to get a franchise up and running and then continue to operate smoothly throughout the life of the business. Pretzelmaker offers an iconic food item in an iconic city, making the decision to invest a no brainer.

One thing is clear: Brooklyn is a perfect fit for Pretzelmaker, and Pretzelmaker is a perfect fit for an ambitious entrepreneur. So are you excited about the freedom that comes from being your own boss and are ready to make the investment? Then to find out more about how you can open up your own Pretzelmaker franchise today!


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