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in Cincinnati, Ohio

Invest in a Fresh Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

A Tasty Franchise Opportunity in Cincinnati!

Are you looking for an investment opportunity that will let you be your own boss but still give you corporate support? Franchising with Pretzelmaker is a great option for you! We are committed to giving our franchise owners the best support, training, and technology available, while still allowing them to maintain the independence that comes from being their own bosses. We are looking for someone to become our latest franchise owner in Cincinnati, Ohio, because of its healthy economy and important resources for businesses. Keep reading to learn more about why Cincinnati is an ideal location for Pretzelmaker.

Vibrant Economy

Cincinnati is one of Forbes’ top Places for Business and Careers, landing at number seventy-five out of the two-hundred cities they profiled. This is because Cincinnati has a low unemployment rate (well below 5%, compared with the national average of over 6%) and a well-educated population, with 38% of the residents obtaining at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. These strong economic indicators are good news for someone looking to own a business, and Cincinnati also boasts a low cost of doing business.

Small Business Association

Nationwide, small businesses make up approximately half of all jobs, making them key to economic success. For this reason, Cincinnati has adopted a Small Business Association, which helps business owners discover funding, select locations, research demographics, and train their employees. The Small Business Association is committed to helping businesses with every aspect of opening and operating within Cincinnati.

Over the Rhine

One of the more fun things Cincinnati has to offer is its vast historical district, Over the Rhine. This portion of the city is famous for its many breweries; in fact, Over the Rhine boasts that it has the largest number of nineteenth century breweries in the United States. Many of these famous breweries lie on “Brewers’ Boulevard,” the affectionate local nickname for McMicken Avenue, where many of the remaining breweries are located. In addition to the breweries, Over the Rhine is the home of the oldest church in Cincinnati, Old Saint Mary’s, where patrons can still hear mass performed in German.

Cincinnati has so much to offer a franchisee of Pretzelmaker that investing there is really a no brainer. In addition to all the wonderful qualities of Cincinnati’s economy and culture, Pretzelmaker is dedicated to helping our franchisees grow. When the time comes to open a second or third location, we make it just as easy to own and operate many Pretzelmakers as it is to own just one. If you are ready to invest in your future, click this LINK to find out how to open a Pretzelmaker franchise in Cincinnati right away.


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