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in Eugene, Oregon

Invest in a Fresh Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Why Open a Franchise in Eugene?

If you are looking for a franchise opportunity in Eugene, Oregon, look no further than Pretzelmaker! We are looking for someone ambitious and hard working to help us expand our business by opening a franchise in Eugene.

Eugene is a city that is committed to improvement. This shows in the myriad of resources available to help business owners, the citywide dedication to sustainability, and the city’s development projects. Eugene is constantly working to improve the quality of life, economy, business climate, and planet.

Keep reading to learn more about Eugene and everything it can offer you as a franchise owner.

RAIN and Other Business Resources

In an effort to encourage startup businesses in the city, Eugene developed a program called RAIN—the Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network. Government, institutions of education, and the business community have banded together to encourage the creation of these startups which create jobs and improve the economy.

An additional resource that your Eugene franchise can take advantage of is the Business Development Fund (BDF), which some business owners can quality for. The BDF is a low cost loan that can be used to buy land or equipment, construction, remodeling, and leasehold improvements.

Since it started, the BDF has been able to give 230 businesses access to capital, lending a total of $18 million. These loans prove to be a great investment for the city of Eugene, as the $18 million lent translated into an additional $58 million.

If your Eugene franchise can take advantage of these or any other assistance programs in Eugene, you will have a head start as a business owner. The resources that are available to your Eugene franchise can help you grow and maximize your business.

City Development

Eugene has a reputation as an eco-friendly city, and that is no coincidence. The government and residents of Eugene seem to be committed to sustainability, as evidenced by the city’s Sustainability Commission.

The Sustainability Commission is a part of the city government that is dedicated to spreading sustainability. The Commission advises policy makers on ways to improve sustainability and green practices in all parts of life in Eugene.

One thing the Sustainability Commission does for businesses is educate them about adopting green practices to reduce waste and save money. The Green Building Program has similar goals, helping residents and business owners alike learn how adopting green practices is good for the earth and their pocketbooks.

As the owner of a franchise in Eugene, you can utilize these programs to improve your bottom line. Residents of Eugene appreciate businesses that go the extra mile to be eco-friendly, so adopting some of these practices could bring more customers.

Franchise Benefits

If you are thinking about opening a franchise, you know that the main perk of franchise ownership is corporate support. At Pretzelmaker, we take care to provide world-class support and training to our franchise owners.

Our franchise owners love that they run their businesses with the degree of independence that they choose. Some franchisees only ask for corporate assistance when they absolutely need it, while others call for advice or ideas more frequently. When you open your Pretzelmaker franchise in Eugene, you will be able to decide how often you call on corporate.

In addition to the support and training from corporate, you will have a huge network of fellow franchise owners on whom you can call when you have an issue or want to bounce around ideas. The relationships you build with your fellow franchise owners can help you and your Eugene franchise as you gain knowledge from their experience.

This franchise opportunity in Eugene is so hot that it surely won’t last long! Invest now, and get started on your dream of owning your own business.

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