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in Portland, OR

Invest in a Fresh Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Portland, OR presents ambitious Pretzelmaker franchisees with an exciting new opportunity. Portland offers new franchisees the opportunity to build their business in a city with endless possibilities.

Below are some reasons why you’ll love owning your own pretzel franchise in Portland, OR.

Exploding Population

Every new business needs a large pool of potential customers and that’s exactly what Portland offers. Over 619,360 people call Portland home and this number is increasing every day. In fact, Portland’s population has increased at an extraordinary rate of 6.1% since 2010.

Since this city’s population is rapidly growing, your pool of potential customers will naturally grow each year if you own a Pretzelmaker in Portland, OR. This presents a unique and exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalize on this natural momentum.

Pretzelmaker Franchise Opportunity in Portland, Oregon from Great American Cookies Franchise

Excellent Economy

Portland’s excellent economy is another reason why it’s a great location for new businesses, especially pretzel franchises. Portland’s economy is on the rise and many major businesses have decided to have their headquarters in this phenomenal city. These companies even include some Fortune 1000 companies, such as:

  • StanCorp Financial Group
  • Schnitzer Steel Industries
  • Precision Castparts
  • Columbia Sportswear

As you can see, these businesses represent a variety of industries and illustrate the diversity of Portland’s economy. A diverse economy is a stable economy and that’s exactly the kind of environment where you want to build your business empire.

Awe-Inspiring Attractions

While Portland’s overall environment is fantastic for pretzel franchises, where exactly should you open your Pretzelmaker? A few suggestions that would make great locations for your business are listed below.

  • Forest Park
  • Oneonta Gorge
  • Columbia River Gorge
  • Portland Japanese Garden

Having your Pretzelmaker near these locations is a smart business move because all of these natural attractions require a lot of walking. This means visitors to these parks and gardens will need to refuel after enjoying the sites. Well, what’s a better snack to put some pep back in their step than a soft, delicious pretzel?

Cities Close to Portland

After your pretzel empire has overtaken Portland, what’s the next step? Keep on expanding, of course! Below are a few cities that you can expand your business into after you’ve conquered Portland.

  • Tigard
  • Beaverton
  • Oak Grove
  • Lake Oswego

Are you ready to start building your business empire? Then open a Pretzelmaker in Portland, OR today!

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