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in Philadelphia, PA

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The soft pretzel is almost as emblematic of Philadelphia as the cheesesteak. With Philadelphia’s love of the pretzel, starting a Pretzelmaker franchise in Philly just makes sense. An enterprising franchisee will have an easy time drawing customers to a business that the city is known for. Franchisees can also enjoy the richness of culture and history that the city has to offer.

Population and Growth Potential

Philadelphia has a high population density of 11,457 and a population of over 1.5 million. The city has recently experienced a spike in population that makes the city an ideal opportunity for new franchisees looking to get into a market that has been largely ignored. While competition is not exactly scarce, Philadelphia offers Pretzelmaker franchisees less competition than some of the larger cities.

Pretzelmaker Opportunity in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! from Great American Cookies Franchise

Climate Advantages

Philadelphia enjoys four distinct seasons in which summers are hot and muggy, spring and fall are mild, and winters are cold. Each of these seasons presents opportunities for inventive Pretzelmaker franchisees. Summer, fall, and spring are seasons that draw locals out into the city to participate in the festivals and events. Pretzel franchisees can get involved in these events to amplify brand recognition and increase sales. In the winter, there is nothing better than a snack that is warm and filling and Pretzelmaker’s snacks are both. Customers will not have to wait long to indulge in a treat that is hot and fresh on a chilly day.

Sports Fans

Philadelphia is well known for being a big city for sports fans. While hot dogs are traditional ballpark food, pretzel dogs are even better. Fans can also forego the mess by enjoying mini pretzel dogs or a Pretzel Bites. Franchisees just need to get Pretzelmaker snacks into a park and check it off as another sales channel for their business.

Popular Surrounding Cities and Towns:

  • Camden
  • Upper Darby
  • Cherry Hill
  • Wyndmoor

Attractions and Cultural Draws

Philadelphia holds various cultural attractions in addition to the sports draws. There are many national historical sites in Philadelphia, including Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. There are also some of the most famous art and science museums in the country. Franchisees can capitalize on these attractions by marketing in the area and making products available to the large crowds that visit the attractions.

Philadelphia Living

Franchisees can enjoy all that Philadelphia has to offer when starting a franchise in this unique area. The cost of living in Philadelphia is much lower than in many other urban areas that offer the same degree of culture, energy, and opportunity. The areas surrounding Philadelphia also offer residents stunning natural scenery to explore and enjoy.

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