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in Park City, Utah

Invest in a Fresh Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Why Open a Franchise in Park City?

Pretzelmaker is excited to announce our newest franchise opportunity in Park City, Utah. We are looking for someone ambitious, smart, and hard-working to expand our business and invest in their career.

Park City’s solid economy makes it a great place for a franchise. The state of Utah has a myriad of resources available to help small businesses thrive, so your Park City franchise will be able to utilize these resources as you get started.

In addition to Park City’s resources, Pretzelmaker is dedicated to providing our franchise owners with support and training for the life of their business. Your Park City franchise will be able to utilize the resources from the city and Pretzelmaker to maximize your business.

​Keep reading for more details about investing with this exciting company in this exciting city!

Solid Local Economy

Utah has been an economic star in the last several years, with extremely low unemployment, high job growth, and high population growth. Park City is no exception, with its unemployment rate under 3% and job growth well over 3%.

Even better, this rate of job growth is projected to continue throughout Utah for years to come, so your Park City franchise will have a continually growing customer base of well-employed people. This is a boon to your franchise because an employed population is more likely to have money to spend on extra things like gourmet pretzels and smoothies.

Resources for Business Owners

Small businesses are so important for any economy to succeed which is why Utah has invested time and resources into helping small businesses and franchises in Park City and throughout Utah.

The major resource that Utah offers is the Business Resource Center, or BRC. These regional BRC offices have advisors who can assist your Park City franchise with the following:

  • Training
  • Finding funding
  • Troubleshooting technology
  • Networking
  • Finding employees

The BRCs work in conjunction with local business services providers, giving you the ideal combination of public and private resources. If your Park City franchise utilizes these resources, you can benefit from the assistance of other professionals throughout Park City.

Benefits of Being a Franchise Owner

One of the major reasons why opening a franchise is a great investment is the amount of support you will receive from corporate. When you open a business from scratch, you do not have the benefit of an experienced network of people who can help you when you need it.

Additionally, a franchise comes with automatic brand recognition, which a business that you started will not. As a Park City franchise owner, you can benefit from the reputation that Pretzelmaker already has in place: quality, warm soft pretzels, creamy smoothies, and reasonable prices.

Investing in a Pretzelmaker franchise in Park City is a great way to start your career as a business owner. You will benefit from Park City’s amazing economy, Utah’s valuable business resources, and outstanding support and training from our established corporate system.

This franchise opportunity is too hot to pass up, so click this LINK and get started on your Pretzelmaker franchise in Park City right away.


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