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in Washington D.C.

Invest in a Fresh Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

There are amazing opportunities for pretzel franchises in Washington, DC. As the bustling capital of our great nation, Washington, DC is home to many hard-working people, hurrying between meetings, who need to grab a quick treat. With a population at 658, 893 and growing, Washington, D.C. is the perfect city for a Pretzelmaker franchise.

Economic Stability

Washington, DC has an extremely stable and prosperous economy, a haven for small businesses that are just starting up. Why is Washington, DC’s economy so reliable?

Since the federal government is located in Washington, DC, 29% of the jobs in this city are in the federal government. These jobs remain unaffected when the nation undergoes an economic decline because the federal government continues to function regardless of economic conditions. Therefore a portion of Washington, DC’s population is always protected and allows the economy to remain afloat during financial crises.

In summary, this means that since the economy is stable, franchises can always expect to have a steady stream of customers walking into their business.

Tourists in the Capital

18.9 million people visited Washington, DC in 2012, making tourism the 2nd largest industry in Washington, DC. It is estimated that these tourists brought in $4.8 billion into Washington, DC’s local economy. Tourists always want a quick treat while site seeing and what is better than a soft pretzel? By opening a Pretzelmaker franchise in Washington, DC, you can take a piece of that money for yourself.

Below are a few of the major attractions in Washington, DC and would be great areas to advertise or sell your pretzels.

  • The White House
  • The Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool
  • The Jefferson Memorial
  • The Washington Monument
  • The United States Botanic Garden
  • The Hillwood Museum and Gardens

Ideal Location

Washington, DC is in a fantastic location for both your business and family. After a successful week at work, you can easily take your family to the beach for a fun day in the sun or to the mountains for a quiet camping trip. Washington, DC is close to both! In addition to the beach and mountains, Washington, DC is also conveniently located near other major cities such as New York and Philadelphia. Both of these cities are great destinations for a weekend trip with your family. With everything you could ever want for you and your family within reach, why wouldn’t you open a Pretzelmaker franchise in Washington, DC?

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