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in Charleston, West Virginia

Invest in a Fresh Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

A Tasty Franchise Opportunity in Charleston!

Pretzelmaker is thrilled to announce the exciting franchise opportunity that awaits you in Charleston! If you are looking for an investment in a quality product with a quality company, look no further than Pretzelmaker, where we make our franchise owners our priority. Indeed, at Pretzelmaker, we strive to provide our franchisees with the best supplies, tools, and training to get them started on the right track immediately, and Charleston is an ideal location to invest in, with its small and strong economy, complete with business resources.

Healthy Economy

Charleston has maintained a steadily strong economy over the years, with a relatively low unemployment rate and a low cost of living. In fact, Forbes named Charleston one of the Best Small Places for Business and Careers, coming in at #152 out of two-hundred. Because the cost of living is low, the cost of doing business is low as well, ranking #140 on the same list.

Resources for Business Owners

It’s true that small businesses are the backbone of any economy, and Charleston is certainly no exception. In fact, Charleston relies on small business success more than many communities in the United States, as 96% of the businesses in West Virginia are considered small (fewer than five employees). Because of this prospering small business community, Charleston is part of a regional Small Business Association (SBA) that is dedicated to helping small businesses get started and remain steady.

During 2014, the SBA in West Virginia invested $42.5 million in 162 small businesses throughout the state, which helped create sustainable jobs. In addition, the SBA offered training classes and seminars to thousands of people. The SBA helps qualifying businesses with all facets of owning a business, including finding capital, providing business counseling and advice, locating and constructing a site, and even funding disaster loans. If you can take advantage of this amazing resource, you are sure to get the help and advice you need on owning a business in Charleston.

The time to invest is now! Charleston has a lot to offer a potential business owner, and we at Pretzelmaker are dedicated to ensuring that our franchisees receive the best training and support possible. Indeed, when you’re ready to grow your business and add to your revenue streams, expansion is easy! We designed our franchise with the multi-unit owner in mind, making owning two or three franchises as easy as the first one. If you’re ready to make the investment in your future, click this LINK to find out how to open your own Pretzelmaker franchise today.


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