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10 Signs You Should Have a Pretzel Franchise

Pretzel franchisees come from all walks of life and run the full gamut of traits, personalities, and personal goals. This variety is part of what makes snack businesses like Pretzelmaker so much fun to be a part of. While individuality is an important aspect of a pretzel franchise, there are some common characteristics that all great franchisees share.

1. Positive Attitude in a Pretzel Franchise

Every day presents new challenges for a pretzel franchise owner. The best franchisees see these challenges as opportunities rather than setbacks. A positive attitude helps to encourage employees to do the same and strengthen the team. This translates into positive experiences for customers, which in turn keeps customers coming back for more.

2. Passion for the Business and Brand

Franchisees with a passion for the business and the product will promote sales naturally. Spreading enthusiasm is a crucial aspect of marketing, which means passionate franchise owners will be able to excitement and create buzz. This keeps employees and customers engaged after traditional marketing does its job.

3. Marketing Savvy

We’re not all born with marketing savvy, but it’s something that good franchise owners are diligent about learning. Effective marketing techniques are continuously evolving. Franchisees need to be on top of the most current and breaking ways to engage new customers while delighting current customers.

4. Passion for the Community

Every Pretzelmaker franchise that opens is strongly tied into its community. Since Pretzelmaker is a snack food franchise, sales depend heavily on foot traffic. This means that the people that often walk through the area are the target customer base. A passion for the cultural characteristics and the well-being of the community helps franchise owners to relate to customers on a more fundamental level.

5. Ambition and Self-Motivation

Like a positive attitude, ambition and self-motivation are also infectious and will set the standard for store managers and employees to follow. Franchisees should not be motivated solely by results, as they’ll vary from day to day and season to season. Ambition and self-motivation help franchisees to consistently guide the store to new levels while facing daily challenges.

6. Commitment to Continuous Training

No business is static. The best franchisees are committed to attending brand meetings, learning ways to improve operations, and providing continuous training for employees. New advancements in marketing and daily systems help businesses to grow and thrive.

7. Financial Stability

Franchise owners should have financial stability, with net worth of at least $250,000 and liquid assets of at least $100,000 per store. This allows franchisees the freedom to complete needed changes, improvements, and repairs without jeopardizing store’s health. It also allows franchise owners to survive sales slumps and analyze progress to prevent future slumps.

8. Willingness to Work

Results won’t happen overnight. The smartest franchise owners understand that results are something that require effort every single day. The means to achieve a good business are also ever-changing, which requires resiliency.

9. Focus on Creating a Business

Many Pretzelmaker franchisees own more than one franchise location. This demonstrates a focus on creating a solid business that’s able to expand, rather than just a job. Having a “big-picture” focus rather than becoming stuck on daily setbacks will help to foster results.

10. Good Communication Skills

Communication is essential in a business that thrives on serving people. Communicating with employees, customers, and potential customers in a friendly and direct way will help franchisees guide the store to new levels of achievement. Effective and open networking with other local business also helps a pretzel franchise to grow and thrive.

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