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tweets about Pretzelmaker

15 Tweets That Will Make You Want to Open a Pretzelmaker Franchise

With the right tools, and a lot of hard work, owning a Pretzelmaker franchise can be a great opportunity—there’s no doubt about it. Pretzelmaker is trendy, hip, and all the rage. And pretzels are loved by people of all ages!

We could go on and on about how awesome owning a Pretzelmaker franchise would make your life. However, we thought it’d be more fun to show you what other people are saying about this restaurant. Here are 15 tweets about Pretzelmaker that will make you want to open a Pretzelmaker franchise:

Tweets About Pretzelmaker

Ashley Miller ‏@AshleyMiller_14  Jul 27
My life is empty without @Pretzelmaker

Madeline Ta’ala ‏@madmillbster 
My, oh my. A #pretzel from @Pretzelmaker sure sounds delicious. I should own one!

愛と平和 // TOMORROW ‏@Elise5SOS  Jul 24

Vicky Lutes ‏@VLutes  Jul 20
#Monday was not so good, #tuesday will call for a #pretzel from @Pretzelmaker

Southdale Center ‏@southdalecenter  Jul 20
Fans of all things cheesy, salty and delicious, rejoice. Mozzarella Stuffed Pretzel Bites now @Pretzelmaker.

princess kehlani  ‏@BABYBOYYAMMOUNI  Jul 17
@Pretzelmaker I love your lemonade soooo much . if I could marry it , I would do it in a heartbeat

Rod Storm ‏@rod_storm  Jul 16
@Pretzelmaker Just had my morning pretzel at Jackson Crossing, Michigan! #eatPretzelsNow

Missy Bird ‏@missytbird  Jul 13
It takes all my willpower to not stop @Pretzelmaker when I’m at the mall.

(calla) lillie ‏@sheremli  Jul 9
the dude who runs pretzelmaker at the mall is the coolest and i don’t think he understands how much i want to work there

VixyPants ‏@VixyPants  Jul 8
When I have a bad day all I want is @Pretzelmaker pretzel bites with cheese… #cheese #pretzel #drool

(s)cr(am)bled ‏@SamHighsmith  Jul 6
family made freezer pretzels and its just making me sad and want pretzelmaker

Dana Savino ‏@danasavino  Jul 5Maplewood, MN
When you go to the mall just to get pretzelmaker @KarissaPrpich

Chris ‏@L13524Chris  Jul 5
is there like a pretzelmaker machine i can put in my room that will make me pretzelmaker pretzels all day #pretzelmaker

Ethan Nelson ‏@ethan_nelson  Jul 3
It’s sad flying through northern US airports because they don’t know the amazingness of @Pretzelmaker

(s)cr(am)bled ‏@SamHighsmith  Jun 27
things I think about on a regular basis: -girls -queso –pretzelmaker -sleep

It’s clear to see—people love #Pretzelmaker franchises and can’t stop talking about them! If you want to be a part of the buzz, contact us today to learn how you can open your own franchise.