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3 Great Reasons to Choose Pretzelmaker as Your Franchise Opportunity

Sometimes it’s hard for a company to distinguish the key factors of what makes them unique and attract a consistent customer base. For us at Pretzelmaker, we are continually analyzing our craft, and how we can improve, so we now know what works best for our pretzels. We’ve found that the more information we provide our potential investors on what makes our soft pretzel franchise opportunity special, the more passionate and excited they are to go through the start-up process with us. Read on to learn more about how Pretzelmaker is just the right franchisor to help you break into the business.

The GFG Difference

The backbone of what makes Pretzelmaker unique is the support we’ve inherited from Global Franchise Group (GFG). With some of the top strategic brand management skills, GFG has created a reputation within the quick-service restaurant industry. For investors, the initial steps to opening your soft pretzel franchise start with attending GFG University to learn some of the essential aspects of opening your new restaurant. Information you’ll learn includes strategies for maximizing return on investment and financial planning. In our experience of opening over 300 stores, we’ve learned that GFG’s influence and direction are priceless resources for new franchisees.

Fresh Twist

Business maintenance is all about creating innovative and fun ideas to compliment an existing product. Our latest Pretzelmaker concept is Fresh Twist which has put a fun new spin onto our current menu and model. Fresh Twist adds breakfast and late-night options to our menu, greatly expanding our traditional offerings. This new menu aims to catch the attention of new waves of customers that our past menu options may not have attracted. Options such as pretzel flatbread pizzas and pepperoni pretzel rolls are popular throughout the day. As for our breakfast menu, we’ve added options such as sausage, egg, and cheese pretzel rolls and cinnamon toast pretzel stix. This has helped us separate from the competition and differentiate our brand, making our soft pretzel franchise opportunity one that can last for the long haul.

Location Flexibility

The beautiful part of our company to the consumer may be the aromas that fill our restaurants day-to-day, but for our owners, the location of those restaurants is crucial. When envisioning your soft pretzel franchise opportunity, a prospective franchisee might have an easier time imagining it once they’ve decided on a location. According to Restraunt.org, there are over 1 million restaurant locations in the United States. Making your spot innovative and attractive while also picking an ideal location is something GFG and Pretzelmaker have in-depth knowledge about to help our investors create a perfect soft pretzel destination. We have supplied our franchisees with experience about what specific locations may be suitable in the industry and how to optimize this space best. Stores can start as small as 250 square feet, which makes it easier to focus on the ideal client base for your quick-service restaurant. Want some ideas for where you could be putting that “fresh twist” into your career? We have plenty of suggested locations! For example airports, college campuses, entertainment venues, office spaces, convenience stores, and many other environments are great spaces to take your soft pretzel franchise to new heights.


Learn more about Pretzelmaker and how to get going on your soft pretzel franchise opportunity by contacting us today!