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3 Tips to Finding the Best Franchise Location

Pretzelmaker is a beloved brand that works well in just about any location where there’s plenty of foot traffic! Shopping malls, airports, and college campuses are just a few examples of the many types of locations operated by our Pretzelmaker franchisees. If you’re still deciding where in your community would make the best Pretzelmaker location, here are a few points to consider.

Where in your community is there a steady stream of foot traffic?

We’ve found that our Pretzelmaker locations work well in areas where there is a lot of walking traffic. Pedestrians notice our familiar logo, smell the enticing aroma of baking pretzels, and are tempted to stop by for a snack. If you live near a transportation hub such as a bus station or airport, these are great locations to consider. Family entertainment centers such as bowling alleys and arcades also make great choices. Don’t forget about your local college campus. Think about places in your community that fit this description to find inspiration.

What kind of competition exists in your community?

It’s important that you choose a location that isn’t too close to any competing pretzel or similar quick service restaurants. Once you’ve identified a place in your community with a steady stream of foot traffic, check out the other restaurants in those areas. You’ll want to make sure that your Pretzelmaker offerings are unique enough that customers won’t be forced to choose between you and nearby competition.

Utilize the support offered by GFG to Choose a Best Franchise Location

When you franchise with Pretzelmaker, a Global Franchise Group (GFG) brand, you’ll enjoy numerous training and support resources to help you get your business started strong. Part of the support we offer to new franchisees is to help them find the ideal location. Assisting with finding a great area, navigating a lease agreement, and grand opening support can be challenging for small business owners. When you franchise with GFG, you won’t have to go it alone as you work through these important pre-opening stages.

These are just three tips to keep in mind as you work to find the perfect location for your new franchise. For even more inspiration, check out the information we’ve published on non-traditional Pretzelmaker franchise locations!

Reach out to us today if you’re ready to learn more about franchising with Pretzelmaker.