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pretzel franchise career

4 Secrets to a Fulfilling Career

We all have to work for a large portion of our lives, so we might as well make the most of it. The average person devotes over 92,000 hours of their life to work, and finding a fulfilling career can significantly improve those hours. Whether you own a pretzel franchise or work in landscape architecture—or anything in between—you can benefit from these 4 secrets to a fulfilling career.

#1 Know What You Want

First things first, what does “fulfilling career” mean to you? What are you looking for in your life and work? How will you determine if you are fulfilled?

The most important thing to do is know what you want in your career. Write down a list of goals and figure out a way to measure them. If your goal is increased financial stability, what does that mean, exactly? Is it a savings account? No credit card debt? A college fund for your children? Deciding what

Fulfillment looks different to each individual person. It is also important to remember that your idea of a fulfilling career may change over time, so be sure to reevaluate things regularly.

#2 Choose a Supportive Environment

Working in a job with no support can be draining. If a boss or manager creates an environment that feels hostile or lonely, it can make work hard. Finding a work environment that supports you and boosts you up actually helps you succeed.

Owning a pretzel franchise with Pretzelmaker, for example, provides a supportive environment. First, Pretzelmaker provides you with the training you need to be confident in your role as owner. Second, there are a wealth of tools available to help you continue to grow. Finally, the Pretzelmaker support network of franchisees and corporate agents is there for you every step of the way.

#3 Remember That Hard Work Is Rewarding

As much as we all want a job that is easy, we have to remember that easy work is not necessarily fulfilling. It’s true that if you are stretching yourself to breaking point every day you will probably be too stressed to feel fulfilled. But working hard is satisfying. Simply put, working a job that is too easy can get boring, so make sure to challenge yourself.

A prime example of this is owning a business. Studies show that business owners are happier than people who don’t. This is in spite of the fact that owning a business puts a lot of responsibility on the owner. Doing work that is challenging but still feasible is the sweet spot.

#4 Find a Balance

Remember that statistic we mentioned, that the average person works for over 92,000 hours in their lifetime? That’s a lot of hours. The easiest way to make your career fulfilling is to balance those hours with plenty of non-work hours. Find a career that gives you the freedom to enjoy your life outside of work. Enjoy a morning jog, be there for after-school pickup, go rock climbing every weekend. Whatever it is that gives you balance, make sure that your career gives you time to do it.

Becoming a pretzel franchise owner can be the start of a fulfilling career. Pretzelmaker is actively looking for franchise owners in markets all over the world, and you could be a perfect fit. Contact us today to learn more!