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pretzel franchise support

4 Ways the Franchisor Helps You Stay Ahead of the Game

Becoming a Pretzelmaker franchise owner has a lot of perks. For one thing, we are a low-cost franchise opportunity, especially compared to other fast food franchises. But there is more to it than the cost. Before you invest in a pretzel franchise, you want to know that you have chosen a strong brand. Investing in Pretzelmaker helps you stay ahead of the game in 4 ways:

  1. Unique opportunities for our franchisees
  2. Dedication to high-quality food and ingredients
  3. Constant menu updates to make our customers happy
  4. Well-known brand name

Before you decide to invest, take a few minutes to read through what makes Pretzelmaker an amazing opportunity.

Unique Pretzel Franchise Opportunities

A franchise opportunity that only fits in one specific mold can be boring, to say the least. Investing in a franchise that leaves you without flexibility may stifle your creativity, leaving you uninspired as a result. Pretzelmaker offers a wide variety of unique opportunities in various locations all over your community. If you don’t want to own a franchise in a mall food court, you have plenty of other options to choose from!

Some ideas for non-traditional locations for a pretzel franchise include:

  1. Stadiums
  2. Military bases
  3. College campuses
  4. Airports and travel hubs
  5. Convenience stores
  6. Beaches or boardwalks
  7. Resorts
  8. Community centers
  9. Office buildings
  10. Theme parks

Dedication to Quality

We don’t want to brag, but customers love our pretzels. And how can they not? Our delicious, gourmet pretzels are made with quality ingredients that you can taste. Not only that, but each pretzel is rolled, twisted, and baked fresh in store each day. Customers and co-tenants alike love that the surrounding area is filled with the delicious smell of baking.

Since we opened in 1991, we have remained dedicated to creating quality products each and every day. And we have never wavered! Staying true to our original goal has allowed us to build a network of pretzel franchises all over the world.

Innovative Products

When we opened our first store with the simple idea of baking tasty pretzels every day, we didn’t plan on changing the soft pretzel industry forever. It is hard to imagine improving a salty, buttery, warm pretzel…but that’s just what we did! We were the first in the industry to create dippable, portable Pretzel Bites and the deliciously filling Pretzeldog, giving our customers even more ways to enjoy their favorite snack.

In addition, we updated our menu to include new flavors that branch out from the traditional salty pretzel. Customers can indulge a sweet tooth with cinnamon sugar, enjoy a savory treat with ranch powder, or stimulate their senses with spicy jalapeño. Add to that our amazing menu of dipping sauces and there are dozens of flavor combinations to please virtually everyone.

Name Recognition

As the second largest name in pretzel franchises, Pretzelmaker helps our franchisees stay ahead of the game by giving them a name that customers recognize. With over 330 stores—50 of which are international—Pretzelmaker has made a name for ourselves with our amazing food and smiling customer service.

Research reveals that consumers are more likely to buy products from brands with which they are familiar1, so Pretzelmaker’s recognizable name may be a benefit for franchise owners. Even better, we work with several sister brands—Great American Cookies, Marble Slab, and Hot Dog on a Stick—which adds to our credibility with consumers. And that’s not to mention the resources that we can offer our franchisees through Global Franchise Group, our brand management company that specializes in quick service restaurants.

Investing in a Pretzelmaker franchise gives you the opportunity to bring our amazing products to your community. Our experience in the pretzel franchise industry gives you that extra boost to stay ahead of the game and open your business confidently.

Fill out our application to get the franchising process started!


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