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A Food Court Franchise Isn’t Your Only Option

You’ve made the decision to go after your dream of running your own business and opening a Pretzelmaker franchise. Now the only thing left to decide is where to put your store? Traditionally, Pretzelmaker is a food court franchise right next to a slew of other quick-service restaurant options. However, there are far more locations to put your Pretzelmaker franchise than a slice of your local mall’s food court. Different locations can provide different types of ways for you and your franchise to succeed.

The Classic Options

Pretzelmaker franchises are usually smaller stores in places with high foot traffic. Those locations include sites like shopping centers, mixed-use facilities, or in urban shopping areas. These locations provide consistent foot traffic throughout the year which, in turn, allows for you and your franchise to hopefully build a varied yet dependable client base.  

Another thing to remember is that, unlike a food court franchise where seating is available, many of these locations are grab and go which allows for customers to move in and out quickly and smoothly. That allows for your franchise to constantly be turning over its customer base and hopefully growing at the same time.

Setting Up a Food Court Franchise in an Airport

One of many non-traditional locations, an airport terminal is a tremendous spot to place your franchise. The five largest airports in America saw nearly 400 million total people come through their doors in 2017. That’s a massively large audience that is confined to the terminal looking for something quick and easy to eat as they wait for their flight or get to a connection.

Airport food is generally a pretty similar fare regardless of where you go. There’s a coffee shop, a sit-down restaurant, a pizza place, and a couple of spots to get a sandwich. Being able to grab a soft, warm, salty pretzel on the go would be the perfect way to break up the stressful monotony of travel.  

Setting up your franchise in an airport would also allow for multiple different design options for your store. Those options range from an in-line store or quick sitdown restaurant, similar to a food court franchise, to kiosks and popups.  

Back to School

College campuses are places that constantly buzz with activity. Ranging in size from a few hundred students all the way up to 75,000, college campuses provide a large potential customer base for your franchise to capitalize on.

College students, on average, have just over $200 of discretionary money to spend each month, and students around the world spend $11 billion on food and beverages. With a large, captive audience, opening your Pretzelmaker franchise on a college campus is a great way to build a large client base.

Another positive, that you wouldn’t get with a food court franchise, is a customer base that is always replenishing. Every year, there would be new students coming to campus that would, hopefully, in turn, become new regular customers for your franchise.

To learn more about the location options for your franchise, contact us today for more information.