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A Look Into The Future: What Will Pretzelmaker Look Like in 50 Years?

Ever wondered what food restaurants are going to look like in the future? Climb into our time machine and take a ride with us into the future. How far should we go? Let’s try 2065—50 years in the future.

Be careful as you get out of the time machine. There could be flying vehicles all around, robots are walking down the street, or airplanes headed to space to reach vacation destinations. However, what about Pretzel Bites? Will they exist?

The Future of the Fast Food Franchise

As a fast food franchise option, there’s no doubt that Pretzelmaker’s will be in the future. We offer high-quality products that people love. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to see Pretzelmaker taking over the fast food franchise industry 50 years from now.

Right now, the trend in fast food restaurants is an emphasis on food quality over speed and price. With its awesome selection of hot, fresh-baked twisted pretzels, pretzel bites, pretzel dogs, lemonade, creamy blended drinks, and cold beverages, Pretzelmaker offers high-quality food at an amazing price. There’s simply no stopping that!

At Pretzelmaker, we’ve been making our famous soft pretzels since 1991. In just a few short years, the Pretzelmaker franchise has expanded exponentially. With more than 300 locations worldwide, this cheap fast food franchise is already making its mark upon the industry. Just think about how much growth we could achieve within the next 50 years.

And, if we haven’t already convinced you about how investing in a Pretzelmaker could be a great opportunity for you, take a look at a few awards we’ve recently received:

  • Ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Top 500 Franchises”
  • Ranked in Technomic “Top 500 Chain Restaurants”
  • Winner of National Pretzel Day—April 26th

So, when you get to 2065 and you ask yourself “What is a good food court franchise?” come find us at the nearby mall. There, you can enjoy an amazingly soft pretzel that’s guaranteed to melt in your mouth. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even make it to space!

To learn how you can open your own Pretzelmaker franchise, check out our website and download our free franchise brochure!