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As Millennials Have Children, They’ll Further Drive Food Industry Trends

There’s no doubt that millennials are driving food industry trends across the board. This young generation loves our soft pretzel franchise because we’re always pushing ourselves to innovate our classic menu – take our new brand, Fresh Twist for example. As millennials begin to have children of their own, their new roles as parents will likely change the way they continue to influence our industry. Read on to learn more about this phenomenon.

A Massive Impact

Business experts across the board understand that millennials are a key demographic to win over, with a buying power of $200 billion annually. Companies of all types work hard to earn their loyalty, and as millennials begin to have children of their own, they’re becoming even more powerful. One thing to keep in mind about millennials is that they’re fiercely loyal to the brands they love, and in this respect Pretzelmaker has a leg up. Founded in 1991, many millennials grew up enjoying Pretzelmaker at their local mall. Today, our stores can be found everywhere from airports to college campuses, and these customers still love our product. Their brand loyalty could translate into major gains for our soft pretzel franchise owners in the future as they expose their children to our beloved brand.

A Range of Options to Reach Millennials and Their Children

One of the best parts about opening a Pretzelmaker soft pretzel franchise is that our business works well in a number of location types. We’re well-known for having stores in food courts, but Pretzelmaker offers franchisees the flexibility to open in other locations as well. As millennials begin to have children of their own, they’ll likely frequent places like family fun centers and amusement parks. Whether these venues are open year-round or seasonally, it’s simple to set up a Pretzelmaker location even in small spaces.

Of course, Pretzelmaker isn’t the only Global Franchise Group (GFG) brand that appeals to millennials. Hot Dog on a Stick has also proven to be a favorite among kids and adults for decades! Many GFG franchisees opt to co-brand, opening Pretzelmaker and Hot Dog on a Stick restaurants together in the same location – a winning combination for customers of all ages.

A Low-Cost Soft Pretzel Franchise that Appeals to Millennials

If you’re a millennial yourself, or are looking for a franchise that will appeal to millennial customers, our low-cost franchise might be what you’ve been looking for. The total cost to open a Pretzelmaker franchise will depend on a number of factors, like the size of your location and where it will be located. That being said, our franchise fee is competitive, and we’ve streamlined the process of opening each new franchise. Our real estate expertise and connections with vendors help our franchisees to rest assured that they’re paying a fair price for their new business.

Want to learn more about what it takes to open a soft pretzel franchise? Contact Pretzelmaker today.