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3 Interesting Facts About Pretzelmaker

Although you may know Pretzelmaker as the usual mid-shopping halftime treat, there is so much more about our brand to discover! We have taken the pretzel industry by storm as a top name in our market — so let’s go under the hood and discover what makes up our versatile brand. Here are three interesting facts about Pretzelmaker that educate you on our long history, how we have grown our model, and what we do to continuously extend our reach. 

A Team with Tenure

Our concept was born in 1991 —  it’s hard to imagine how far we’ve come since. Soon after, our brand name was modified to Pretzelmaker for the purpose of franchising our locations and bringing our product to the masses. Although we started off as a west coast craze, it was not before long that we extended our reach east and began serving our freshly-baked products nation-wide. With all of this time in the game — we know what to expect. Our team has a fantastic feel for the larger pretzel industry, our target consumer, and where we fit best. We can’t wait to keep growing our existing awareness globally!

More Than a Pretzel Brand, Our Fresh Twist 

If you have been to one of our many locations, you know that our service isn’t just limited to one type of product. We have grown our brand from your regular pretzel kiosk and into a fast-casual mainstay. Part of that adaptation is our Fresh Twist locations that offer anything from Pretzel Dogs to breakfast options, for the early bird commuter. If you are looking to open a Fresh Twist location, you’re in luck — our concept is flexible and scalable to fit in any potential space.

Our Support Exceeds Standard 

Thanks to all the years we have thrived in the pretzel industry, our brand awareness isn’t the only thing that has grown to this point. We have collected and recorded an abundance of information that is vital for all franchisees or entrepreneurs looking to start their own pretzel business. Pretzelmaker has developed easy-to-understand programs of training and ongoing support that make breaking into the pretzel industry far easier than starting alone. Our training and support help acclimate you to the Pretzelmaker brand, while also prepping you for your store launch date with real estate and market research assistance. Our goal is to align you with a quicker road to growth — based on our years of franchise development experience, we know the best ways to rev your business’ engine. 

The pretzel industry is rolling — it’s time for you to join a trailblazer in the market. If you are interested in starting your own pretzel business or want to learn more about Pretzelmaker, contact us today!