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woman eating a snack

Anatomy of a Pretzel: Why You’re Dying for One Every Time You Go Shopping

There’s just something about it: that warm, chewy, salty – and sometimes sweet – treat that pops into mind every time we’re at the mall. It’s no debate that pretzels have grown to become one of the staples of a mall day in America and even internationally. So what is it about pretzels that has us craving one every time we’re in the vicinity? And furthermore: how can entrepreneurs use this to their benefit?

Snacking Is in Our Nature

We’re yet to meet anyone who doesn’t appreciate a good snack every now and then (if not all the time!) In fact, many nutritionists and health experts say that snacking is actually healthier than the standard three large meals per day that we’ve come to abide by. Smaller, more frequent meals are believed to help boost our metabolisms, promote a steadier flow of nutrients, and prevent blood sugar spikes from large meals and long gaps of time between them.

Malls Are Like Snacking Paradise

Even if you don’t arrive hungry, chances are that you’ll end up snacking at least a little when you spend a day at the mall. With so many things to do and so many options, mall food courts and restaurants play an important role in our food culture. Snack shops that sell quick and tasty treats like pretzels, cookies, ice cream, and hot dogs tend to flourish in a mall environment.

Pretzels Are the Perfect Mall Snack

One of the perfect things about a pretzel shop is that it’s a rather convenient snack for when you’re on-the-go in an environment such as a shopping mall. Pretzels are small, quick, and easy to eat – you don’t need to take a break to sit down or wait for the food to be prepared. You can have your pretzel an eat it too by being able to have a snack while you’re strolling through the mall.

Cashing in with a Pretzel Franchise

So if you’re an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of the pretzel phenomenon by investing in your very own pretzel franchise like Pretzelmaker. When you open a store in a busy, high-traffic area like a shopping mall, you can rest assured knowing that you’re setting yourself up for a booming business that keeps smiles on shoppers’ faces all day long.

To learn more about pretzel franchise opportunities with Pretzelmaker, download our free brochure: https://pretzelmakerfranchise.com/resource-library/