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As Millennials Have Children, They’ll Further Drive Food Industry Trends

There’s no doubt that millennials are driving food industry trends across the board. This young generation loves our soft pretzel franchise because we’re always pushing ourselves to innovate our

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When it Comes to Setting Up Your Pretzelmaker Location, the Sky’s (Almost) the Limit!

One of the truly unique aspects of a Pretzelmaker franchise opportunity is that there are any number of ways owners can set up shop. While traditional Pretzelmaker stores are located in malls and shopping

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Start Your Journey Toward a Soft Pretzel Business

People love soft pretzels for all kinds of reasons. They’re fun to eat, tasty and, unlike a lot of other snacks, fit into healthy lifestyles. For these reasons and more, the pretzel market is strong

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How the Franchising Process Differs from Owning Your Own Business

Starting a Pretzelmaker franchise is a great way to start a new career. As an entrepreneur, you are probably weighing the pros and cons of opting to open a franchise versus starting a new business from

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4 Ways to Maximize Your Potential as a Franchisee

Pretzelmaker has just the pretzel business franchise opportunity for you! If you’re thinking of investing in our company by becoming a franchisee, we have a few tips to keep in mind. When you sign

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2 Goals Every Franchisee Should Work Toward (and Tips for Reaching Them)

Setting goals is critical in any career, especially when you own a business. Whether you are just getting started or have been running a franchise for some time, reaching toward goals can put focus on

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Your Next Business Venture Is Just around the Corner!

Have you thought about opening a pretzel franchise? This business venture is smart, secure, and flexible, giving you the chance to be your own boss without starting from scratch. If you are ready to put

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Traditional Isn’t Always Best! 4 Non-Traditional Places to Open Your Franchise

At Pretzelmaker, we believe that non-traditional locations suit our brand just as well as our non-traditional menu. Opening a Pretzelmaker franchise is more exciting than ever when you consider all of

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Are You Ready for Franchising? 3 Ways to Know

The pretzel franchising industry is an exciting place to work. There are plenty of reasons why Pretzelmaker might be a good fit for you. If you’ve started reading about what we have to offer our

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