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Baker or Businessman: Why You Could Be Either to Open a Franchise

One of the great things about franchising is that people from a wide variety of backgrounds can thrive in this business model. If you’re looking into a pretzel franchise, you may be encouraged to know that you don’t need experience as a baker or as a business owner to invest.

Traits Beat Experience

Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and this is especially true in franchising. While some brands may look for owners with one specific background, we are more interested in people who are willing to work hard. There are a few traits that we look for in our franchisees that equip them to run a franchise.

Some of these traits include:

  • Willing to learn new things
  • Focused on the big picture
  • Confident
  • Ambitious
  • Willing to work hard
  • Self-motivated
  • Financially stable
  • Goal oriented

In the world of franchising, your personality and dedication are much more important than your industry background. Taking the leap to becoming a business owner is exciting and courageous, and if you are prepared to do that, your experience is just an added bonus. The following are some examples of the type of people who are good franchise owners.

Industry Insiders New to Franchising

Experience in fast food, baking, or restaurants can be valuable in your career as a pretzel franchise owner. This kind of background knowledge on what it takes to work in food service as well as the rules and regulations in the industry are helpful to open a franchise.

Corporate Workers New to Business Ownership

Working in a traditional, corporate setting teaches you a variety of important skills that will help you as a franchise owner. Things like business management, sales, marketing, bookkeeping, and customer service are some of the things that make business ownership easier for you.

Pretzel Franchise Training Makes It All Possible

Why don’t we require that our franchisees have experience? One word: training.

Before you can open your pretzel franchise, you will go through our outstanding training program. We designed this program to train you on everything you need to know, filling in the blanks in your skillset. For example, if you are already skilled in customer service but you need help balancing your budget, our training can show you how. Similarly, if you are an operations pro, our training can show you how to make that even easier.

The training program consists of multiple parts that ensure that you can constantly stay up to date. First, franchisees go to in-class training at our headquarters in Atlanta. Here you will learn about our brand, our industry, and the proven processes and operations that we use. Following that, we assist you leading up to your grand opening. This assistance helps you create a buzz and attract customers to your franchise. Additionally, we invest in ongoing training to keep our franchisees on the cutting edge of the industry.

Investing in a pretzel franchise is another way to be your own boss. Whatever your background, if you are ready to work hard to meet your goals franchising might be a good path for you.