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Betcha Can’t Own Just One: Why Multi-Unit Franchising Is so Addictive

Many people associate an addiction with negative, self-defeating behavior.

But not all addictions are bad. In fact, some addictions are positive and fulfilling. Just ask Dr. William Glasser, who challenged the connotations and dictionary definition of addiction when he penned the book Positive Addiction.

Glasser maintains that people can gain strength and self-esteem through repeating positive behaviors. So if you’re a Pretzelmaker franchisee who is having the time of your life and considering expanding to multiple units, consider this: Many people find multi-unit franchising addictive.

It helps to understand what a positive addiction is, Glasser says. With this information in mind, you might be better equipped to celebrate your ambition, realizing why you find so much joy in the Pretzelmaker pursuit and the franchising opportunities it holds.

No Wonder You’re Lured by This Positive Addiction of Franchising Opportunities

Glasser says that a positive addiction “strengthens us and makes our lives more satisfying.” Unlike a negative addiction, a positive addiction enhances life. It is distinguished by six criteria:

  • It should impart some emotional or financial value.
  • It should be something you can do alone if you have to.
  • It should be something you believe you will get better at as long as you persevere.
  • It should be within your capability to accomplish.
  • It should be something you choose to do for at least one hour per day. (Try not to laugh; Glasser probably wasn’t thinking about the long hours franchise owners clock as he wrote his book.)
  • It should engage you without triggering self-criticism, at least most of the time. In other words, you should feel good about your positive addiction.

Compute How This Addiction Makes Cents

Now that you know that the allure of multi-unit franchising can be positive, it’s probably time for a soft reality check. Just as not every entrepreneur is suited to run a franchise, not every franchisee is suited for multi-unit franchising. It will require an additional financial investment and an influx of determination and hard work.

Still, if you’re the type of person who tends to lean toward left-brain thinking—logical, analytical, and objective—there are good reasons to consider multi-unit franchising. They include the potential to save on:

  • Inventory costs
  • Labor costs
  • Training costs
  • Warehousing and distribution costs
  • Leasing costs (if you’re lucky enough to find the same landlord)
  • Advertising, marketing, and promotion costs

Idealistic Notions Add Up, Too

As you know, every balance sheet has two sides. And you probably wouldn’t be a franchise owner if you didn’t harbor idealistic notions. As you explore franchising opportunities, you might be gravitating to multi-unit Pretzelmaker locations because:

  • You wish to solidify the Pretzelmaker brand and your good name in a certain geographic region.
  • You wish to become known as the “go-to” pretzel/snack expert to whom others in the area can reach out for counsel and advice—and maybe even seminars, school field trips, and sponsorships.
  • You’re thinking about the future, and the idea of passing a Pretzelmaker franchise on to a family member holds great appeal. Franchising opportunities with Pretzelmaker can provide security in an uncertain future.
  • You wish to replicate your positive business model because you’re having the time of your life as a Pretzelmaker franchise owner.

As you debate multi-unit franchising opportunities, you’ve taken one issue off your plate: Now you know why multi-unit franchising can be so addictive and how it reflects so positively on your character. As this process continues, don’t hesitate to reach out to the franchise consultants at Pretzelmaker. They eagerly await your questions—not only because they share your positive addiction for Pretzelmaker.