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Don’t Make These Silly Franchising Mistakes

If you’re thinking about opening a fast food franchise, the best thing you can do to ensure a positive experience is to do your homework. So many franchisees or potential franchisees have made huge mistakes

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A Look Into The Future: What Will Pretzelmaker Look Like in 50 Years?

Ever wondered what food restaurants are going to look like in the future? Climb into our time machine and take a ride with us into the future. How far should we go? Let’s try 2065—50 years in the future. Be

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The Beginner’s Guide to Mall Franchising

2015 is the year to start your own mall franchise! Franchisees know that the best way to create potential business is to sell a product people want in a location where they’ll want it. That’s why mall

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Once Upon a Pretzelmaker

There once was a man who loved soft pretzels. He worked a steady 9-5 job in a cramped office and daydreamed about the chewy, delicious, salty treats. Every day after work he drove to the mall and picked

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5 Signs You Should Invest in Fast Food Franchising

Have you ever felt like the universe is trying to send you some kind of sign? If you’ve noticed these 5 qualities in your life, they could be signs that you’re ready to invest in a fast food franchising opportunity.

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15 Tweets That Will Make You Want to Open a Pretzelmaker Franchise

With the right tools, and a lot of hard work, owning a Pretzelmaker franchise can be a great opportunity—there’s no doubt about it. Pretzelmaker is trendy, hip, and all the rage. And pretzels are loved

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What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago: Mall Franchise Opportunities

A year can seem like an eternity ago, yet at times it seems it was just yesterday. Can you picture what you were doing a year ago? What was your occupation? What were your plans for the future? What was

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4 Up-and-Coming Food Court Franchising Trends

As a fast food court franchise owner, you probably know a lot of the current trends and business strategies. You know what makes your loyal customers tick and how to attract more customers. However, a

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Why Pretzelmaker is the Mall Franchise You’ve Been Looking For

Have you ever wondered what it takes to learn how to be a good franchisee? What is the best mall franchise to invest in? In the franchising industry there are certainly a lot of things to consider before

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