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Top Five Pretzel Franchises in America

Pretzel franchises are trending, with new franchise concepts coming into the arena every year. While some pretzel franchise concepts are unsuccessful and do not make the cut, others thrive. It is important

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How to Join the Pretzel Industry

The pretzel industry has experienced rapid growth over the last few years. While this growth has been great for franchises such as Pretzelmaker, it has also worked to steepen the competition. To be a part

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Sink Your Teeth Into the Fright Bites Combo

Halloween is just around the corner, and with it comes a unique opportunity for Pretzelmaker franchisees: the return of the Fright Bites combo. The Fright bites combo was extremely fun last year, so franchisees

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Why Should You Open a Pretzel Franchise?

The pretzel industry is heating up, and no one does pretzels like Pretzelmaker. The last ten years have been a period of swift expansion for pretzel companies with stores popping up in malls and shopping

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How to Start Your Own Pretzel Franchise

Starting a pretzel franchise is made much simpler when working with Pretzelmaker. Pretzelmaker works with potential franchisees through every step of the process to answer questions and provide coaching.

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3 Things to Consider Before Starting a Pretzel Franchise

Before starting a pretzel franchise, potential franchisees should take a few important points into consideration. Having the required capital and submitting all necessary paperwork are important, but do

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What’s Hot in Pretzel Franchises

The soft pretzel industry is growing quickly as customers realize what convenient and low-calorie snacks pretzels are. The pretzel industry naturally capitalizes on the trend sweeping the nation for increased

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10 Signs You Should Have a Pretzel Franchise

Pretzel franchisees come from all walks of life and run the full gamut of traits, personalities, and personal goals. This variety is part of what makes snack businesses like Pretzelmaker so much fun to

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