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2 Goals Every Franchisee Should Work Toward (and Tips for Reaching Them)

Setting goals is critical in any career, especially when you own a business. Whether you are just getting started or have been running a franchise for some time, reaching toward goals can put focus on

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Your Next Business Venture Is Just around the Corner!

Have you thought about opening a pretzel franchise? This business venture is smart, secure, and flexible, giving you the chance to be your own boss without starting from scratch. If you are ready to put

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Traditional Isn’t Always Best! 4 Non-Traditional Places to Open Your Franchise

At Pretzelmaker, we believe that non-traditional locations suit our brand just as well as our non-traditional menu. Opening a Pretzelmaker franchise is more exciting than ever when you consider all of

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Are You Ready for Franchising? 3 Ways to Know

The pretzel franchising industry is an exciting place to work. There are plenty of reasons why Pretzelmaker might be a good fit for you. If you’ve started reading about what we have to offer our

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3 Tips to Finding the Best Franchise Location

Pretzelmaker is a beloved brand that works well in just about any location where there’s plenty of foot traffic! Shopping malls, airports, and college campuses are just a few examples of the many types

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Check These 5 Things Off Your List Before You Become a Franchisee

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a franchise and feel like you’re ready to dive in, step back for just a moment. Owning and operating a franchise can be an incredibly rewarding experience,

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The Mall Not Your Scene? 5 Places You Can Open Instead

When seeking information on how to open a pretzel franchise, one of the most important tips is to find a good location. Now, when it comes to pretzel franchises, a common place you’ll find them

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Are You Fit for Franchising? Find Out Here!

A personal commitment to your craft and professional development is a defining characteristic of a franchise owner who’s going places. Finding that sweet spot between leading, motivating, and delegating

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6 Ways to Eat a Soft Pretzel

Pretzels are a treat that nearly everybody enjoys, from young children to retired adults. You might be more familiar with the version that comes in a bag off the shelves of your local grocery store. Though

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