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7 Tips for Researching Franchise Options for Your Next Big Opportunity

If you’re starting to research franchise options, you are starting on the journey to being in business for yourself but not by yourself. This is an exciting time, and be sure to enjoy learning everything

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3 Types of Content Franchise Businesses Should Be Sharing on Social Media

While social media is certainly not a new phenomenon, many franchise businesses are still trying to figure out how to harness it to their advantage. Whether you own one franchise or twenty, using social

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Four Unexpected Franchise Funding Sources

Owning a franchise is a dream come true for many people all over the United States. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a franchise opportunity that fits your desires, needs, and skill set. For

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Eight Questions to Make the Most of Your Franchise Discovery Day

Your franchise discovery day is all about learning more about the exciting franchise opportunity ahead. Think of your franchise discovery day as a chance for both you and Pretzelmaker’s management

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How Involved Should a Franchise Owner Be in Day-to-Day Operations?

For many people, getting out of the day-to-day rat race of corporate America and moving toward franchise ownership is a dream come true. As your own boss, you can make your own hours realtively, delegate

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Franchise Investors: Behind the Scenes Franchise Financing Helps Millennials Thrive

The times have really changed. Just a decade or two ago, franchising used to be something that was only considered by high-income baby boomers as a kind of capstone to their careers. Lifelong business

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Why a Pretzelmaker Franchise is a Strong Choice for Millennial Investors

While modern franchising has been around since the 20th century, there arguably has never been a generation more suited for the business model than Millennials. That’s because this diverse generation—having

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Pretzelmaker vs. Auntie Anne’s Franchise

Pretzelmaker and Auntie Anne’s are two of the top hand-rolled pretzel-making franchises around today. Jeffrey Trip opened the first Pretzelmaker back in 1991, and just one year later he had turned

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A Day in the Life of a Pretzelmaker Franchisee

Before you begin considering various franchising opportunities, such as those available at Pretzelmaker, you’ll probably want to know what it’s like to run a franchise. For example, what is a day in

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