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Don’t Want to Locate Inside a Mall? We Have 4 Other Great Options

Common sightings in retail across America are little pretzel kiosks and storefronts that are dominating the traditional marketplace. If a mall franchise is not the opportunity for you, we know about a lot of other location options that are just as great in terms of the potential for Pretzelmaker franchises. Here are four locations where you could open a Pretzelmaker franchise other than a mall.

Don’t Want to Open as a Mall Franchise? Other Locations to Consider

Stadiums and Arenas

Sports fans who are coming from all over are looking for quick and easy food that they can bring back to their seats to enjoy while watching the game. Pretzelmaker’s business model and products adapt perfectly to this kind of setting because there is a lot of foot traffic, the people are hungry, and the atmosphere promotes food for easier consumption. In addition, many of our products are also shareable so customers can bring them back to eat with their friends. People love pretzels, so by opening a pretzel franchise in a stadium, you are bringing the food they want to an area that needs it.

Stadiums and arenas also host a lot of concerts and other events at their facilities. This means there are people filtering in and out all year long, even outside of sports seasons. By opening a Pretzelmaker here instead of just a traditional mall franchise, you can expand your potential by targeting different demographics throughout the year.


Coming or going, people at the airport are moving in and out at all hours of the day. They are looking for something quick so they can get to where they are going, and a pretzel is the perfect option. In addition, many are waiting for intervals anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours, so having something quick to take with them or sit and enjoy is what pretzels are great for. Opening a Pretzelmaker in an airport instead of a mall franchise, you are opening yourself up to providing pretzels to Americans, as well as foreigners who are traveling. This can expand your horizons as a franchise owner, and maybe even expand your presence as a whole.

Movie Theaters

Concessions are a big part of the movie theater experience. People are coming to not only watch the film but indulge in snack foods and have an all-around fun time out. People enjoy soft pretzels at the movies because they are shareable and are an alternative to the popcorn that the theaters offer. In addition, people like having the option to choose their snack foods from a brand they know because the quality is the same regardless of the franchise they go to, which could be greater than that of the concessions stand.

College Campuses

College students are constantly searching for a quick bite that is cheap and easy to carry to class or wherever their next destination may be. Soft pretzels are the perfect study snack for this demographic because they are quick, easy to transport, and filling so students have the nutrients they need to stay up studying without going to the dining hall or another eating establishment.

Pretzelmaker franchises are easily adaptable to places outside a mall because it is such a diverse demographic of people who like pretzels. If a mall franchise is not the right opportunity for you, Pretzelmaker has an easy solution to help you open a franchise you are happy about in a location you can enjoy.

Learn more about investing in an opportunity outside a mall franchise and how you can get started with a Pretzelmaker at a location of your choice, contact us today.