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pretzel stand business

Everybody’s Favorite Food! Pretzelmaker Can Mean a Satisfying Career

Opening a pretzel stand business is a great way to achieve career satisfaction. Our pretzels have proven to be abundantly popular for nearly 30 years and our business model is simple to master. If you haven’t found your dream job yet, Pretzelmaker might have just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. 

Pretzels are a Popular Treat

Just about everyone loves pretzels – it’s estimated that nearly 179 million Americans ate at least one pretzel in 2019! This is great news for Pretzelmaker franchisees, but it certainly doesn’t come as a surprise. Our soft pretzels have been a popular mainstay in shopping malls since 1992, and we’ve branched out into other locations as well. Airport travelers love Pretzelmaker because we provide hearty, savory pretzel-inspired treats without any wait. But convenience aside, the smell of our fresh-baked pretzels wafting through the air has proven to have an effective allure to customers of all types. 

Set Up Your Pretzel Stand Business Wherever Your Customers Are

Another reason that franchisees love our pretzel stand business is that it’s easy for them to set up shop just about anywhere. We don’t have many strict location requirements because our format is remarkably versatile. It’s simple to open in seasonal locations like amusement parks, small kiosks in airports and college campuses, even shared kitchens at sporting events. Wherever the customers are in your community, it’s simple to open a Pretzelmaker. 

Lots of Room for Growth

Everyone wants a career that will lead to more money and freedom. It’s impossible to predict how any new business will perform, but there’s plenty of room for growth built right into our business model. 

We encourage our franchisees to open multiple pretzel stand businesses throughout their territory – this is a great way to leverage the time they spent learning our practices into greater potential for profit. Most communities are home to lots of spaces that would make for great Pretzelmaker restaurants, so why choose just one? Best of all, multi-unit franchisees will enjoy a significant discount on their initial franchise fees. 

Along these lines, our franchisees are welcome to open locations for other Global Franchise Group (GFG) brands, like Hot Dog on a Stick. We represent a number of other brands that have become quick-service restaurant industry staples, so why limit yourself to a pretzel stand business? You can even open a cobranded location that features two or more GFG brands under the same roof! This is a great way to save money on operating costs while appealing to an even wider customer base. Franchisees that opt to open a cobranded location will also enjoy a discount on their initial franchise fee.

As you can see, there’s lots of opportunity to grow your investment when you partner with Pretzelmaker. 

Ready to learn more about what it takes to start a pretzel stand business? Contact us today for more information.