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starting a soft pretzel shop

Become Your Own Boss by Starting a Soft Pretzel Shop

Starting a soft pretzel shop with Pretzelmaker is a great way to become your own boss! In fact, many of our franchisees once worked in the corporate world where they burned out after years of putting their skills to use so that others could profit. If you’re ready to ditch your nine-to-five, Pretzelmaker might have just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. 

An Opportunity with Built-In Flexibility

There’s no question that any new business endeavor, including starting a soft pretzel shop, requires hard work – especially in the beginning. We expect our franchisees to be involved in establishing their new business, but we work hard right alongside them. We’ll work with them to find a location, build it out, launch a targeted marketing campaign, and more.

That being said, our franchises are remarkably easy to operate once they’re up and running. Our franchisees can opt to take a hands-on role in the management of their business, but many hire a manager to entrust with daily operations. We think you’ll find that many responsibilities can be delegated as you see fit or can be managed on a flexible schedule. 

This is great news for franchisees who want more wiggle room in their schedule. Whether you want to be home for dinner at a predictable hour, the freedom to go to kids’ sports games and activities, or just take sick and vacation days without needing to go through human resources, starting a soft pretzel shop can give you the flexibility you need.

Starting a Soft Pretzel Shop with a Time-Tested Business Model

Lots of people know that starting their own business, even franchising, is a great way to enjoy more career freedom. But there are so many questions involved. Primarily, how can you be sure that your business will perform well?

The truth is that no one can predict how any new business will perform but partnering with a well-established brand like Pretzelmaker has many advantages. We’ve been franchising since 1992, and in our nearly three decades of experience we’ve developed a franchise model that’s versatile, streamlined, and simple to master. 

Our concept works well everywhere from shopping malls to amusement parks to airports, and can operate in even a small or shared kitchen. We have hundreds of stores open across the U.S., and people know and love our product from coast to coast. This well-established model, coupled with brand recognition, is a great benefit to our franchisees. 

Our years in business have also helped us to develop franchisee resources that greatly simplify the process of owning and operating one of our stores. Detailed initial training, a comprehensive operations manual, ready-made marketing materials, and a support team of experts are just a few of the resources you can look forward to leveraging when you partner with Pretzelmaker.

Ready to learn more about how starting a soft pretzel shop can elevate your career? Contact Pretzelmaker today.