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Finding a Desert Oasis in Arizona

Aspiring Pretzelmaker franchisees may find that Arizona is a hot new place to launch a career and settle down. While most think of Arizona as nothing but desert, Arizona actually offers an array of landscapes and climates provided by the contrasting mountain ranges and flatlands. Mountainous cities and towns in Arizona may be subject to heavy snows and cooler temperatures, which may be desirable for those who enjoy winter sports. Many of the places in Arizona are also growing quickly, which can present fantastic business opportunities for franchisees.

Apache Junction

With a population of about 35,840 as of the last census, Apache Junction is a medium-sized Arizona city. The city has been used as a filming location for several movies in the past, including Blind Justice and Jerry Maguire. The city offers residents several activities, including a cruise on the Canyon River to view the scenery of the Sonoran Desert, hiking trails up Superstition Mountain, and the Superstition Zipline. There is also the Arizona Opry and the nearby Goldfield Ghost Town for entertainment.

Flagstaff, Arizona

Located in central Arizona about 73 miles away from the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff is nicknamed “The City of Seven Wonders.” Located at an elevation of 7,000 feet, Flagstaff is actually situated on a mountain that is surrounded by forest. The high altitude gives Flagstaff a dry semi-continental climate, with winters that are cold and snowy. There are five seasons in Flagstaff: a cold winter, a dry and mild fall, a dry and windy spring that is sometimes cold, a hot and dry early summer, and a humid and rainy late summer. Flagstaff is a hub for arts and cultural attractions, with the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra playing regularly. There are many museums, festival, and theaters to keep Flagstaff residents entertained. Many of Flagstaff’s 68,667 residents also participate in a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, running, cycling, climbing, and skiing.


Known for being Arizona’s largest international border town, Nogales sits directly on the border between Mexico and the United States. With four international ports of entry, Nogales is a major point for international trade. Nogales had a population of about 20,837 as of the 2010 census. The Nogales climate is defined as semi-arid steppe, with most days throughout the year ranging from very hot to mild and most nights ranging from cool to freezing. Nogales contains many sites that are listed on the National Register of Historic sites. Downtown Nogales is known for its architectural uniqueness, which in combination with its shopping and dining scene, attracts many visitors.

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