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Five Reasons Why Pretzelmaker is a Great Investment

The most profitable fast food franchises can trace their origins back several years. The first KFC opened in 1927 and the first McDonald’s in 1930. Although Pretzelmaker can’t go back that far, it still has several decades of being in business to its name. Why is Pretzelmaker a great investment? Perhaps CEO Chris Dull has a theory:

“We are one of the original pretzel concepts started here in the U.S. in the early 90’s. Our Franchise is a very easy business to operate. One of the primary contributors to a franchise growth is ease of operation. The pretzel business is simple and is also easy to replicate. We see a lot of our partners go in and develop not just one, but multiple units and really enjoy the ease of the operation.”

Here are some other reasons why Pretzelmaker is among the most profitable fast food franchises in the industry and why it’s a great investment:

Reasons to Invest in One of the Most Profitable Fast Food Franchises

Reason #1: Pretzels Are Cool

As a snack treat, pretzels have been around for several hundred years. That doesn’t mean that the soft baked pretzel craze is showing any signs of letting up. Pretzelmaker is constantly finding fun ways to keep their customers engaged. For instance, they are the innovators of National Pretzel Day, April 26. That’s when Pretzelmakers all over the world give out a free pretzel to every visitor which is a great way to expand your customer base.

Reason #2: The Rankings

The most profitable fast food franchises are easy to be ranked and Pretzelmaker is no exception. Entrepreneur Magazine places Pretzelmaker among its list of Top 500 Franchises. Over at Technomic, Pretzelmaker is ranked as one of the Top 500 Chain Restaurants. That’s recognition that reinforces the investment potential of a Pretzelmaker franchise.

Reason #3: The Available Territories

Pretzelmaker can claim its status as one of the largest QSR based franchises on the sheer number of stores we have. Currently, there are over 300 locations operating across the U.S. and around the world. Does that mean there aren’t any places left for a Pretzelmaker? Absolutely not! The optimum locations would be an area with a population of at least 60,000 within a 10-mile radius. We have hundreds of locations available throughout the United States. So what are you waiting for?

There are also terrific locations available in malls and other areas of high foot traffic throughout the country. If you don’t have a Pretzelmaker near you, then maybe it’s time to open one!

Reason #4: Multi-Unit Franchising

As mentioned above, it’s relatively easy to open and maintain a Pretzelmaker. This is a business with a small footprint and small menu. That makes it a breeze to operate compared to most low cost franchises. Because of that, you’ll find that many Pretzelmaker franchisees have multiple stores. This is actually a concept that is encouraged by the Global Franchise Group. In fact, they offer many incentives to current owners to expand their Pretzelmaker business into other stores. It’s not a stretch to imagine having 3 – 5 Pretzelmaker franchises as part of your investment portfolio.

Reason # 5: The Cost

How much does a franchise cost? That’s a question you’ll certainly need answered in order to move forward. Unlike some of the other QSR franchises, you won’t need millions of dollars to open a Pretzelmaker. A lot of the cost factors will be determined by where your store will be located and we normally see stores range from $155,000 – $240,000.

Visit our website to find out how you can become the latest owner of a Pretzelmaker franchise today. You can’t make a great investment until you get all the information!