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mall restaurant franchise

Food Stand, Restaurant, or Mall Store: Which Type of Store is Right For You?

You’ve done the research and you’re ready to open your own business. You’ve asked yourself “Should I open a franchise or start a business from scratch?” And you’ve decided that you like the partnership with a franchise, the business layout already in place, and it may be just the right time for you to open a restaurant franchise.

But where do you want to open your franchise? And what franchisor is the right one to partner with? Do you want a food stand in the street? Do you want a restaurant in town? Or do you want a mall store? Let’s take a look at all of these options and see why opening a mall restaurant franchise could be right for you:

Food Stand

A food stand is usually the least expensive option. However, a food stand can’t compete with a mall restaurant franchise because you’ll likely have to move your business from place to place to find the right location. This can get costly and rather annoying to constantly move around to find the most lucrative location. Even though it’s slightly more expensive to open a mall restaurant franchise, you may get more ‘bang for your buck’ in the end.

Mall Restaurant Franchise

When opening an off-mall formal restaurant franchise, you’ll have to purchase a much larger building along with a good-sized parking lot. And, because your building is larger, you’ll have more overhead costs. You also may have a hard time finding the right location for your restaurant. You’ll want it to be in a busy area, but not too busy that people won’t have time to stop by and order food.

Mall Store

If you decide to open a mall restaurant franchise, you may have an opening in your local mall. Just find the right place within the mall to create your mall restaurant franchise and get started today!

So, if you’re ready to start your first mall restaurant franchise, contact us to learn how you can become part of the Pretzelmaker team.