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Four Reasons You Should Invest in a Great Food Court Franchise

It’s clear that if you’re going to invest in a food court business, then you want it to be one of the best mall franchises available on the market. You might even put in a lot of research into this study only to discover that Pretzelmaker tops your list. Here are several reasons why:

Reason #1: The Pretzelmaker Brand

At this moment, someone is enjoying a fresh-baked pretzel snack from our franchise. That’s because there are over three-hundred Pretzelmaker franchises scattered all across the world. We’re not just talking as one of the best mall franchises but also as a franchise in airports, movie theaters, and concert venues. That’s a lot of pretzel opportunity!

We have been consistently ranked as one of the top franchises from industry publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine and Technomic. The Pretzelmaker brand has been built up for several decades, reaching the pinnacle of perfection that exists today. You’ll be investing in the power of that brand and that’s a smart place to put your money.

Reason #2: The Marketing Power

Even the best mall franchises can’t lay claim to a national holiday, but Pretzelmaker can. April 26th is National Pretzel Day. The full might of marketing power becomes focused on this holiday where everyone who stops by a Pretzelmaker receives a free pretzel which is a great way to upsell other menu options and expand your customer base. You’ll be amazed at what one national holiday can do for your business!

Reason #3: The Bold Menu

The name “Pretzelmaker” says it all: we make pretzels. Right out of the gate, you’re presenting customers with a unique treat that they can’t get anywhere else. However, that’s not all we offer. There are Pretzel Dogs, Pretzel Bites, Stuffed Pretzels, blended drinks, and all those amazing pretzel toppings. All of these recipes have been tested and vetted.

The great thing is that these won’t be the only menu options because we are always evolving and staying ahead of fast food trends. With our support, you’ll be able to share some exciting new menu selections as they happen. Your customers will love visiting your store to try some of these new menu options out!

Reason #4: The Training

Have you ever baked a pretzel before? You will when you invest in a franchise and be provided with top-notch training. Owning one of the best mall franchises means you’ll be working in customer service. What better way to learn about that then to actually get to work in a real up and running Pretzelmaker franchise? That’s just one part of the thorough training program you’ll go through as you prepare to open your own Pretzelmaker. No question will be left unanswered.

How to Open Best Mall Franchises

After embracing the reasons you should invest in Pretzelmaker, you’ll be wondering how to open a franchise. That step is actually easy. You’ll just need to contact us to get more information about opening a Pretzelmaker franchise. So what are you waiting for? Your next business venture is just around the corner!