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Pretzelmaker samples

Does Giving Away Samples Pay Off?

Pretzels are easy to transport, easy to eat while walking, and not as messy as many offerings. However, there is a vast, untapped population that has yet to discover the wonders of the pretzel. Even those who enjoy pretzels at seasonal fairs may not think about the delicious snack outside of those occasions. To help educate these potential customers on what they are missing out on, franchisees may benefit from giving a portion of products away.

How Does Giving Products Away Pay?

Giving away products may seem counterproductive and costly, but it can actually pay in a big way. Customers that have sampled the products and enjoyed them will be far more likely to pay for those products when in the vicinity of the store. The taste of pretzels is unique and may generate cravings in people that don’t generally eat pretzels.

Generous Company Culture

Giving away products may also cause customers to feel a certain loyalty towards the store because of the generosity in giving products away. Many companies, especially chain restaurants, are thought of as greedy entities. Having a personable employee greet customers while giving samples away can help to create a picture of the store as a friendly and giving place that customers will enjoy stopping at. Personable employees may also generate a loyal following of their own, with customers stopping in because they enjoy the friendly chit chat.

Where Should You Distribute Samples?

The easiest place to distribute samples is at the store, but this may not be ideal for reeling in new customers. Chances are good that many of the customers walking by the store are in the general location often. Instead, franchisees may benefit from offering Pretzel Bites samples or similar products at local festivals, street fairs, and similar events. Pretzelmaker franchisees may also be able to cooperate with local sports teams to set up booths. These sports events do not have to be professional level, in fact, giving pretzel products away at youth games may be more beneficial.

Sample Sample Sample.

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