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pretzel franchise resources

Great Resources We Provide to Help You Along Your Franchise Journey

Are you ready to franchise? Pretzelmaker has many pretzel franchise resources for you! Whether you’re looking to open a traditional franchise or a non-traditional one we’ve got you covered.

Our Brand

Investing in a franchise is a major decision. Luckily, Pretzelmaker has the resources to help make that decision a little easier. Since its inception in 1991, Pretzelmaker has been a leader in the fast food industry. Because our brand is so strong, it provides our franchisees with pretzel franchise resources such as new marketing materials and strategies, support from corporate teams and other franchise owners, group purchasing discounts, access to preferred vendors, and more! Our brand is strong, helping us to better able to support our franchisees, whatever their needs may be. In addition, we are also one of Entrepreneur magazine’s Top 500 Franchises.

Our Pretzel Franchise Resources

Whether it’s in a busy shopping mall or a standalone location, Pretzelmaker franchises generate a steady return on investment. Our corporate network is a great pretzel franchise resource for any level of experience. Whether you are getting into franchising for the first time or you are adding another franchise to the ones you already own, Pretzelmaker’s entire team is behind you. We provide you with the latest training at Global Franchise Group University, a training center that all franchisees attend. This training will give you a full understanding of our business model and how to open, own, and operate your Pretzelmaker franchise. If you’re new to Pretzelmaker franchises, you can visit our extensive library to find more pretzel franchise resources!

Our Concepts

One of our best pretzel franchise resources is our store models. Whether you’re interested in traditional franchising spaces, such as shopping malls, or non-traditional ones such as airports or college campuses, we have a store model that is right for you. You can choose from large, traditional franchises to our new Fresh Twist model, designed to fit in as little as 250 square feet! Fresh Twist locations are scalable to fit your needs in non-traditional venues, making it easier to own and operate a Fresh Twist franchise virtually anywhere.

Our Locations

Pretzelmaker offers thousands of different locations in which you can franchise. From Arizona to Alabama, and nearly everywhere in between, Pretzelmaker is ready to help you set up shop. If your ideal franchise location is not listed on our website, don’t worry! Just contact us directly and we will review any potential site locations with you. Pretzelmaker also offers franchise opportunities abroad! Our franchise concept fits in many markets across the globe because it’s fun and flexible. From Canada to Qatar, there’s a franchise opportunity for you!

No matter your needs, Pretzelmaker will be with you every step of the way, providing the training and support you need to get your franchise up and running. Contact us today to find out the next step!