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Join the Most Popular Franchise Sector with a Pretzel Franchise

One of the major benefits that comes with a pretzel franchise opportunity is being classified under the quick-service restaurant (QSR) family. Having the ability to provide a service to consumers at a fast pace with a quality product makes a QSR business model ideal for a potential business owner. This branch of the franchise sector is mainly appealing due to the consistent evidence of success and heavy foot traffic this model provides. In this quick synopsis of the QSR industry, we will go through the extensive benefits that franchisees can take advantage of with this style of service.  

Convenience of Service 

Convenience is king in the foodservice industry, as statistics have shown digital ordering and delivery services have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014. There are plenty of situations where our customers may be rushed to fulfill their cravings but do not have the time to sit down and enjoy a meal. Managing a pretzel franchise opportunity gives you the ability to serve that customer with a delicious product without taking up too much of their time.  From the daily commuter in a time crunch to the busy student that can’t make lunch–a pretzel franchise opportunity contributes to feeding one of estimated 85 million Americans consuming fast food every day. 

Industry Success 

One of the reasons the QSR industry is developing into 50% of the entire restaurant sector is its incredible long term success. In a study that was done in 2018, a National Health and Nutrition Survey found that 36.6% of adults consume fast food on a given day. When evaluating those numbers, 22.6% of those adults will be consuming a snack similar to what a pretzel franchise opportunity provides. Pretzelmaker also provides the option to open a Fresh Twist location that supplies breakfast menu offerings. Of that same percentage, 22.7%  of those adults eating fast food will indulge in fast-food breakfast offering. This has lead to increasingly exciting revenue statistics for franchisees who are looking to open a QSR style franchise. Companies in the industry of providing quick service food options brought in total revenue of over $250 billion in 2018– which resulted in almost 4% growth compared to data evaluated in 2013. Therefore, by investing in a pretzel franchise opportunity, you will be joining a sector of business that is established and proven to be profitable. 

Brand Awareness

The popularity that surrounds the QSR franchise sector allows franchisees to capitalize on what is already an established brand name. By working with a QSR like Pretzelmaker, you will be immediately associated with a brand name that has an established industry reputation. By partnering with a brand that has widespread name recognition, franchisees can take advantage of access to preferred vendors as well as existing and developing marketing strategies. A pretzel franchise opportunity with Pretzelmaker gives franchisees the ability to step into a reputable brand as soon as they open their doors.

There is plenty more that makes a pretzel franchise opportunity an incredible QSR investment experience. To find out more, contact us today.