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soft pretzel franchise boss

How to Leave the Corporate World and Become Your Own Boss

Deciding to go out on your own and leave the corporate world behind can feel stressful. After all, this is a big decision! Switching from corporate employee to small business owner of a soft pretzel franchise is a leap of faith. Still, if you take our advice, the process can go a little more smoothly.

Why Should You Own a Business?

We understand that leaving behind a stable salary and predictable work life may be intimidating. But there are a lot of good reasons to own your own soft pretzel franchise.

Work-Life Balance

When you work in the corporate world, the focus is on money. Corporations care about profit margins, earnings, percentages, and increases. Sure, your coworkers might care about your children, spouse, family, and hobbies, but the corporation on the whole does not.

On the other hand, as a business owner, there is no question that you care about your family. Even better, you care about the families and lives of your employees as well. As the owner of a soft pretzel franchise, for example, you will have a handful of employees who want the same work-life balance that you do. You can create the work-life balance that you have always wanted.

No Boss

This may sound trite, but when you are a business owner, you get to be your own boss. This is the biggest perk of being a business owner. Because you are in charge, you do not have to worry about sucking up to a boss or playing office politics.

At the same time, being the boss means you shoulder a lot of responsibility. You can take charge, make decisions, and set goals for your business. Your actions have a direct impact on the business, which is in sharp contrast to being a cog in a corporate machine.

Advice for Making It as Your Own Boss

Owning a business has a lot of benefits, but success does not come without time, energy, and work. Because of this, we have put together a few tips for people who are switching from corporate to entrepreneurship.

Listen and Learn

No matter your experience, there are people from whom you can learn. Be prepared to listen to more experienced business owners, members of your industry, and others. Also, take the time to learn from the resources available to you. For instance, many cities have branches of the Small Business Administration where business owners can learn practical skills.

Set Milestones and Goals

Not only do milestones and goals help you measure your success, but they also help you maintain a positive work-life balance. Before you get started, set milestones and goals that you want to hit in six months, one year, three years, and so on.

Next, be sure to revisit these milestones as time goes on. You might be surprised at how quickly you meet these goals. On the other hand, things might take more time than you originally thought. Checking back on your goals often shows you where you need to make adjustments to help your business thrive.

Consider a Soft Pretzel Franchise

Some good advice for people who want to be the boss but don’t want to start a business from scratch is to think about a franchise. Investing in a franchise allows you to be the boss of an already proven brand. For example, opening a soft pretzel franchise allows you to offer a tested product to your customers. Even better, a franchise trains you and provides operational guidance to save you time and effort.

Ready to make the leap and own your own business? Check out Pretzelmaker! We are the soft pretzel franchise that supports our franchisees every step of the way.