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How to Stay on Top of the QSR Industry

The quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry is a market Pretzelmaker has become familiar with throughout the years, so we know how to adapt. In the past, the QSR industry has generated revenue of up to $200bn, and in 2018 it was expected to grow up to 2.5%. With our team of experts continually researching new information, we want your business to be successful while we help navigate the avenues we know best. In maintaining your pretzel store franchise, we will work together through your growth and help you dominate the QSR competition!

Plan of Action

Creating a battle plan with a knowledgeable group of experts in the QSR market is something that can get your restaurant ahead of the rest. This critical step in opening your pretzel store franchise can provide goals and expectations for what kind of growth you’d like to see in the future. When opening a franchise, the first thing on a business owner’s mind is finding the quickest road to the return on investment. At Pretzelmaker, we realize that this can be the mindset for our investors. According to IBISWorld.com, the fast-food industry pulled in over $256 billion in revenue in 2018 while the snack food industry has generated $42 billion in 2019 so far. Constructing a well-established business plan with our franchisees in the early stages of their business helps our franchisees to take advantage of this trend. In training at Global Franchising Group University, we help franchisees set up a realistic and profitable plan for moving forward during the early stages of their pretzel store franchise.

Fun and Innovative Promotions:

By staying ahead of the curve in the QSR world, we have seen the strong results that come from staying fresh with our menu and franchise promotions. Pretzelmaker has taken the concept of staying fresh quite literally with our FreshTwist locations, which allow us to remain competitive in an array of venues. FreshTwist enables us to complement our already popular menu options with breakfast and late-night choices to attract a more extensive consumer base. We have also implemented an array of single-item promotions such as Pink Cinnamon Sugar for Valentine’s Day, and $1 Pretzels on Tuesdays, further attracting new business.

Creative Marketing Strategies

From choosing an ideal location, to brand maintenance for a larger industry name, and the complete online presence of your restaurant, marketing is vital. Pretzelmaker has made marketing the product easier for our business owners with consistent guidance. The essential advantage you will have when opening your pretzel store franchise is that we have been able to foster marketing strategies that have worked well for many of our other investors. Our support system will remain hands-on with these concepts and give the advice and resources you need to generate a buzz in your community.

Ready to help put your plan into action and bring your pretzel store franchise atop the QSR industry? Contact us today!