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In Search of a Delicious Soft Pretzel? Why You Can’t Beat Pretzelmaker

A soft pretzel is unlike any other snack. Its warm, soft, buttery goodness is the perfect complement for sweet or salty flavors, or a delicious combination of both! Pretzelmaker has built a name around delicious pretzels, new ideas, and quality products. Investing in a Pretzelmaker franchise means that you can bring these tasty treats to your market!

The Pretzelmaker Franchise Sets the Standard

The soft pretzel game used to be simple: twist a pretzel, bake it, coat it in butter and salt, and dip it in mustard. That was all there used to be. Don’t get us wrong, these classic pretzels are delicious, but sometimes you want to mix things up a little bit. That’s exactly what Pretzelmaker did!

Our first innovation was making the portable pretzel even easier to eat by cutting it into delicious, bite size pieces. The Pretzel Bites were born! We were the first in the industry to do this, setting the standard for other brands. Our Pretzel Bites are dippable and delicious, with every bite coated in seasoning.

After the success of Pretzel Bites, we were ready to take things even further. We wanted to find a way that a soft pretzel could be a full meal, so we came up with the Pretzeldog—an all-beef hot dog surrounded by one of our pretzels is a combination wrapped up in heaven. From there, we went on to create Pretzeldog Bites, the delicious combination of our two exciting innovations.

We Like to Try New Things

If you haven’t noticed, Pretzelmaker is not a brand that sits back while other companies create new treats. We love to try new things and give our customers tasty snacks to try. The Pretzelmaker franchise brand often rolls out limited time offerings and special menu items. Not only are these items delicious, but they drive sales to our brand.

Some of these unique offerings include Mozzarella Stuffed Pretzel Bites and seasonal flavors. In addition, we are excited to roll out late night bites like flatbread pizzas and a breakfast menu.

We Use Fresh Ingredients

Even more important than innovating our products is ensuring that they start out the right way. That’s where our ingredients come in. We have committed that each and every Pretzelmaker franchise uses the finest ingredients and bakes pretzels fresh each day. We have remained steady in that commitment, even as our brand has grown with stores worldwide.

Our dough starts its life at our plant in Atlanta, where we mix the high-quality flour and other dry ingredients. Next, the dry ingredient mixture goes to each store. From there, the stores mix the wet ingredients with the dry mixture to create the dough. After that, customers can watch as employees roll, twist, and bake the pretzels right there in store!

In the soft pretzel world, freshness is king. Because of this, Pretzelmaker has made freshness our constant goal in everything from our products to the ingredients we use. If you are looking for a fresh franchise opportunity, check out what Pretzelmaker has to offer.