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Is a Pretzelmaker Franchise Right for Your Location?

Decisions in the franchising world typically are streamlined and fraught with far less risk for franchisees than would be the case if those franchisees chose to strike out on their own.

When you consider the fact that a franchisor like Pretzelmaker has been around for years, remains a passionate member of the Global Franchise Group, and has spent decades cultivating brand awareness among an increasingly eclectic customer base, you begin to realize how the cards are stacked in your favor from the outset.

Put another way, these partnerships would be hard for even the most promising entrepreneur to establish right out of the gate. To complement marketing, advertising. and branding expertise, aspiring franchisees get another benefit that’s far less discussed.

Specifically, Pretzelmaker franchisees work with area developers who have scoped out the territories promising the hottest growth opportunities and accelerated sales franchising opportunities from coast to coast. However, there are still questions you can, and should, be asking.

Picking the Right Location for Franchising Opportunities

The expression “in the right place at the right time” is apt when it comes to business in general and fast-food franchising opportunities in particular. Today, customers are spoiled for choice, and it isn’t uncommon to spot three or more fast food restaurants in the same outdoor mall or oasis.

What’s Motivating Your Customers? 

You definitely need to distinguish yourself from the competition to gain a foothold with customers, but you also need to thoroughly understand your customers and what’s driving their buying decisions. Are most of your customers coming to your location by foot, by public transportation, by car, or simply by happenstance as they meander around an indoor mall?

These are crucial questions to answer because they give you insight into your average customer and allow you to refine your target audience. This, in turn, will allow you to make more informed marketing decisions and streamline your outreach. What happens, though, when you feel you don’t have enough information to begin with?

Consider Surveys and Local SEO

A lot of customers are coming to fast food restaurants these days though local SEO, and efforts search engines like Google are making to triangulate customers’ current locations are helping local businesses. You need to make sure that your franchise location is listed and searchable so that you can get these potential customers through your doors.

There are a few steps you can take to make that happen, such as making sure that your franchise location appears in local search results by being consistent with your name, address, and phone number (a.k.a. NAP) across your website, content marketing, and other marketing materials.

This will ultimately keep you in contact with fans and get them talking about you online by writing reviews. Although that can provide an after-the-fact evaluation of how you’re doing, you might ask your franchise’s area developer for demographic surveys that give you a sense of where your best chances of franchising greatness lie.

Take the Time to Understand Local Customers 

Taking the time to understand your customers might mean looking into whether moving next door to an office building provides a lunch-hour rush. Also realize that malls tend to be both high visibility and high traffic throughout the day.

The perfect franchise location in your area is likely a place that already possesses high visibility and gets a fair bit of traffic throughout the day. Indoor malls are a safe bet because they’re high visibility and your customers are likely walking by—perhaps in search of a quick snack.

To learn how you can find the perfect location for your Pretzelmaker franchising opportunities, be sure to contact us today. We can help you find an ideal location that will work great for your budget and your store.