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opening a franchise location

Lease Negotiation: What You Need To Know

The pretzel business is a delicious way to make a living. A warm, soft pretzel never fails to bring a smile to a customer.

Getting into the pretzel business, and opening a franchise location, has never been easier. The important thing is to make sure you put yourself in a good position from day one. Pretzelmaker can help, and by doing your due diligence you set yourself to be potentially open a successful franchise location.

How Do I Negotiate a Favorable Lease for Opening a Franchise Location?

You have found the perfect spot for opening your franchise location. Now you must sign your lease. As part of your initial investment, you may need to pay for improvements to your space which may need the help of contractors or other workers to complete before you can finish opening your franchise location.

Make a list of what you are looking for in a space, and from a landlord, and work to check off as many of those boxes as you can. According to Legal Zoom, there are many ways and tips to negotiate a favorable lease. An important one to remember is to keep an eye out for hidden costs. You do not want to sign a lease and then learn that a key part of your location needs a major repair.

Findlaw.com has a great checklist to look over during the leasing process. It’s a great way to remind yourself to leave no stone unturned and may also help you ask questions that you didn’t originally think to ask.

By being transparent with what you are looking for when opening a franchise location, and getting transparency from the person you’re negotiating with, you can work out an agreement to hopefully put you, and your franchise, in the best place to succeed.

Transitioning to a Model Franchise Owner

The lease is signed, you’re opening your franchise, and you’re ready to be the owner you know you can be. Utilize the resources around you to help you succeed. We have numerous resources available to help answer your questions about how to continue growing your business and hopefully thrive long term.

These are just a few things to think about as you close in on opening a franchise location and making the most of this fantastic opportunity. Contact us to have any of your questions about leasing and franchising today.