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New York State

Being a Franchisee in New York State

There are Pretzelmaker franchise opportunities all across the country, but New York State offers franchisees a number of highly desirable communities to live and play in as well. Many of the cities and towns throughout New York can become a wonderful hometown base of operations for franchisees to open their business or bring the business to a nearby urban center. Potential franchisees can find a location in New York that caters to their preferences for entertainment and daily life, so that moving to the area and running a franchise is a dream come true.

Albany, New York State

The city of Albany is the capital of New York State and is located in east central New York. Albany is on the Hudson River, which makes for beautiful scenic tours and excursions. Albany was settled in 1614 and is one of the oldest surviving settlements from the original thirteen colonies. This gives Albany a wealth of historically significant landmarks. There are also many museums in Albany that house historical artifacts. Albany is located just a few hours north of New York City, south of Montreal, and west of Boston, making any of these locations ideal for day trips.

Glen Cove

Named as one of the safest cities in New York by SafeWise, Glen Cove is a wonderful place to raise a family. Glen Cove was named one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People. Glen Cove is located on Long Island’s north shore and had a population of almost 27,000 during the 2010 census. Water lovers will enjoy living in Glen Cove, as it is well known for its marinas, yacht clubs, and sailboat races. The beaches of Glen Cove also make the city desirable for beach lovers and tourists. J.P. Morgan and F.W. Woolworth both owned mansions in Glen Cove.

Hyde Park

Located in Southeast New York State just above Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park is the famous hometown of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The estate of President Roosevelt is now a historical site with a museum and presidential library on the grounds. Hyde Park is also home to the Culinary Institute of America, the most renowned culinary arts school in the United States. The Hudson River marks the western boundary of Hyde Park, offering residents beautiful views as well as water activities. The population of Hyde Park was about 20,851 as of the 2000 census. The city has a relatively low population density that is perfect for franchisees that like privacy.

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