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mall franchise investment

Investment Hack: Why the Mall Food Court Could be Your Most Lucrative Option

Have some hard-earned funding that you’re looking to invest for a long-term benefit? Perhaps you’ve scoped out options like the stock market. On the business side, perhaps you’ve looked at opportunities like opening your own business. But have you considered opening a mall franchise like one offered by Pretzelmaker? Some future investors fail to realize the potential of a mall franchise investment, so we encourage you to do your research for before making any decisions.

Mall Franchise Brand Recognition

For those who open independent businesses, getting customers to know and trust their brand is often the biggest struggle early on. How will you get customers to notice you? Furthermore, how will you get them to choose you over the other companies that they already know and trust for the same good stuff? When you have it, brand recognition can translate to phenomenal word-of-mouth and phenomenal sales. That’s why owning a mall franchise has such great benefits for new business owners.

Getting Customers Is Half the Battle

When independent business owners open their own stores, generating a desired volume traffic tends to be another considerable obstacle. In many cases, this may also have a tie to the fact that new independent brands are simply not known by potential customers. But this is where the unique benefit of a mall franchise comes in. Malls have the wonderful benefit of generating tons of new traffic every day. In many cases, the challenge of the mall franchise owner is simply figuring out how to turn all those shoppers into pretzel-buyers.

Everyone Wants a Shopping Break Treat

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits for mall franchise owners who want a Pretzelmaker store is the behaviors and thoughts that are associated with shopping. Pretzels are one of the most common mall snacks! You’d be hard-pressed to find a shopper who doesn’t want to take a snack break during their day, let alone one who is opposed to the idea of snacking on a warm, delicious pretzel straight out of the Pretzelmaker oven. This is why we firmly believe that a Pretzelmaker mall franchise has a unique benefit over many of its competitors – few other restaurant franchising companies are so wonderfully matched with a mall!

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